Shell Stitch Crochet Bracelet

7 Jan

How to make a Shell Stitch Crochet Bracelet

What you’ll need:


Crochet Hook

Basic Knowledge of Crocheting

Looped Needle



First start off with a slip knot.

A Shell Stitch works in six stitches. So to determine the length I add by sixes then add two extra stitches at the end for the finished edge. This bracelet is a medium to large so I used 24 stitches + 2 extra stitches for the edge = 26 stitches.

Since I am horrible at explaining stitches – if you don’t already know how to shell stitch here is a great you tube link to get you through it ;)

When finished it should look like this!

Put the two end strings in the looped needle

Use the needle to pull it through the hoop of the clasp

This makes it REALLY easy to pull the yarn through the clasp. Then you knot the end and cut off the excess yarn

Tada! You have a crochet bracelet :)

Do you have any non-traditional jewelry you like to wear?

Love Always,


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