Easy Canvas Art!

I love finding crafts on pinterest that seem easy enough anyone could do it! So I found one and gave it a try:

I found this three canvas whale wall art which I can just imagine in a little boys room or a play room! Since my husband and I are house shopping we might as well start getting ready for Emma’s play room right!? Haha!


3 Canvases – any size

Three colors of blue you’d like and white paint

A couple different sized paint brushes

A light blue or gray pencil for tracing

A paint tray (or paper plate)

Scrap paper to avoid messes!

A cup with water and paper towel for your brushes

I know this is really light and hard to see – but I lightly drew an outline of the picture. You don’t have to be an artist to do this just eyeball the picture and attempt to do it similar on your canvas. The great thing about colored pencils is that they are erasable :D so keep trying until you are happy with it!

Take a small paint brush and your darkest color and outline the area so it’s easier to keep the paint where you want it. If you mess up don’t worry you are going to finish it off with white so you can still fix it.

Remember that this doesn’t need to be perfect at all! You can probably see goof ups all over mine but half the fun of painting is making a mess!


Once you are done outlining you can fill in the larger areas with a larger brush (time saver) and don’t worry – it will need another layer so this isn’t the final look.

Outline the second.

Fill it in!

And repeat with the top! Let it dry for a good while.

The ending is TO BE CONTINUED!

What do you think so far?

Love Always,


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