Easy Nail Art

12 Feb

Easy Nail Art 

Running around all day I rarely get the time to give myself a proper manicure.  But when I do, I like to go all out and turn it into an art project!  Unfortunately, this is not always possible since I don’t have professional tools or nail tapes.  I did some research to find some nail art tutorials and tips that are easily done at home, but look like professional designs!  I am definitely going to be trying some of these designs out this week :)

Click on Each picture to find the original page and/or full tutorial!

Heart Warming

It was only appropriate, since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, that I feature a design for a romantic date night!  Just grab some notebook paper reinforcements and shape them like the top of a heart!

Polka Pins

When I found this simple way to make a dotting tool I literally jumped with excitement!  I love polka dots but I have never mastered them with a paint brush and even failed using q-tips.  I never wanted to go out and buy a tool because I knew one day I’d find an interesting way to make my perfect polka dots!  Well this is that day.  You just take an old pencil, and push a pin into it.  Dip the end of the pin into your nail color of choice and apply to the nail for tiny, cute, PERFECT, polka dots!

Self-Made Stickers

One way to get some nail designs without buying stickers or professional colored tapes is to make your own using none other than your normal scotch tape.  Just pant a design or a strip of color to cut out some simple geometric shapes and lines and create your own nail art! Simple, genius and I have all of the tools right here at home.  This is number 6 in the list of nail designs on the site!

Fantastic Filigree

Here is another scotch tape creation!  Just use a pair of crafting scissors with an interesting cut design and cut the tape.  Paint your nails a base color, let dry, place your fancy tape on the nail, and paint your top color.  So simple, so quick!

Several Scotch Tape Designs

I loved this tutorial with different easy ways to apply scotch tape to create different patterns.  I guess it is obvious I have now become obsessed with my tape :)

Star Burst

Yet another scotch tape design, but I couldn’t help but share this gorgeous find.  Just use this star burst on one finger to make your manicure look super professional!

Masking Tape Manicure

This tutorial is in French, and the picture is a bit too small, but click on the link for a better view.  You will just need to find some decorated masking tape from your local craft store (or paint your own!), some scissors, and top coat.  Cut the masking tape to fit around your cuticle, place, and cut to match the length of each nail.  Throw on a top coat and voilà! Simple and easy to remove if you aren’t a big fan of corrosive nail polish removers.

I hope you enjoyed these nail art finds!

Happy Manicure Night!


3 Responses to “Easy Nail Art”

  1. February 12, 2013 at 7:02 pm #

    These look so fun! Love the heart ones for Vday :)

    • lms218 February 15, 2013 at 12:01 pm

      Thanks :) If you get a chance to try them out, let me know! I thought it was so clever that people are using reinforcements I used in grade school to make nail designs! Had to share!


  1. - February 13, 2013

    [...] Leslie posted about Nail Art! There are some seriously awesome ideas on her page and even a really cute one for Valentines [...]

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