♥ Pinterest Ideas for the Perfect Valentines Day ♥

14 Feb

The Perfect Valentine’s Day

Everyone knows the only way to have the perfect Valentines Day is to have the perfect man (or girl friends)!

But here are some ideas to make your night more romantic, fun, and flirty.

V-Day Fashions

This is great for a night out in the city!  Going out to a movie or concert, this is great for a rock & roll V-Day!

This is a little more traditional, with a little bit of the clean-cut 50′s vibe.  Perfect for a super romantic, traditional date out at a nice restaurant.

This outfit is a bit more my style.  Casual and sweet, with a little bit of bling and a jacket with heals for some sophistication.

This is perfect for anything from dinner and a movie to a romantic night at home in front of the fire with the man!

I love this color of champagne pink, and it is sure to make his heart melt.  Just a reminder that if you want to stay within the typical valentine’s day color palette, you still have LOTS of color options.

And here are some couture pieces to spark your v-day fashion imagination!  Couldn’t Resist ;)

Flirty Hairstyles

I love going half-up/half-down for a date!

Just click on the pic for a youtube tutorial!

This is a great way to look like you have an up-do even if your hair is very short.

 A good french twist is wonderful for any occasion.

This is another, more casual up-do for you ladies with a shorter style.  I suggest adding some flower or heart pins for a little more decoration!

This is a flirty, casual style for your V-day date!  I’m a huge fan of the sideways pony, and this takes it up a notch!

Another lovely, yet simple hairstyle for short or long hair.  Just some messy curls can make a woman look both sexy and ready for an adventure at the same time.



More natural pinks can make your make-up job look effortless!

Bold & Beautiful

I am always a fan of the classic red lipstick and bold eyeliner!  I think sporting this look is a great way to really feel like a powerful and beautiful woman on valentines day!

Pretty in Pink

Here is a video to make you feel like a sweet candy heart!  The pink isn’t too much to scare off your man, but just enough color for some femininity. Just click on the pic for a youtube tutorial

Smokin’ V-day Eyes

The smokey eye is a great tool to use for a smoldering, sexy night on the town!

Love Your Lips!

I love this glittery idea!  The great thing is, you can use any color you want :)

Romantic Refreshments

Ravioli Love

This is a lovely artichoke, mushroom, and pine nut ravioli!  The presentation is too romantic to pass by <3.

Salad Love

Not up for the task of homemade pasta? This is a great way to take a simple salad and turn it into a Valentine’s Day dish!

Just use a heart cookie-cutter when chopping your salad veggies for some romantic romaine on the table.

Sweet Hearts

These are some cute little tarts made from strawberries, sugar, cream cheese, and pie dough!

I thought of waling up to a table with these arranged on a plate with rose petals and whole strawberries all around.  Just dreamy!

St. Valentine’s Cocktail

This beautiful drink will make for a fun night!

It is made with vodka, strawberries, celery leaf,  and splash of lime juice.  Simple, easy, completely romantic <3

That is it for my Valentines Day Pinterest ideas!  Now go get lovey with your man and have a wonderfully romantic evening!

Roses and Kisses,


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