Traveling With Child

15 Feb

Traveling with a child is not always as easy as it sounds!! When we first had Emma we just assumed she would sleep the entire time.

How wrong we were!! Now a days we always travel prepared, so here’s a few tips to keep your little one travel friendly:

1) Always keep the things he/she loves the most easy to get to!

Emma loves her taggie and pacifier and I don’t know what we would do without them!

2) Snacks and Drinks! The more the merrier!

I always have a bag full of every kind of snack that’s easy to travel with ready to go in a moments notice. We keep in stock to go juice boxes for those tough times when the hick ups just won’t go away!

3) A toy that’s entertaining but can also be updated! We bought Emma the Leap Pad when she started getting bored in the car.

The best thing about this toy is that I can plug it up to my computer and buy her a cheap new game (from $2.99 and up) to give her something new to do while sitting in the car, or she can just play with all other old games, TV shows, and books!

4) Plan to make stops on the way. Sometimes we all just need to move our feet and change the scenery.

I like to take Emma to restaurants and give her a whole booth to herself. She knows she is contained to that area but it gives her enough space to spread her legs and move around. We also like to dance and jump around right after we get out of the car!

5) When all else fails sing your way out of it ;) This is my go to when Emma can’t handle it anymore – we sing ABC’s, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and more until she finds something else or takes a nap!

Gotta love traveling with children ;)

Do you have any tricks or tips for traveling with kids? We’d love to hear them!!

Love Always,


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