DIY Pet Accessories

26 Feb

DIY Pet Accessories

Today, I’m going to dedicate my post to our four-legged friends who love us unconditionally every day.  It feels great to spend some time making something for our furry friends to make them more comfortable!  Click each picture for a tutorial or original post!

Stuff for the Doggies!

DIY Dog Bed

Above is a tutorial for a terrific bed that can be for small or large dogs.  It is simple and you can fix it up by using a paint that matches your home :)

DIY Name Tags

Thank you, Martha!  Martha Stewart has great ideas for making your own tags for your dog that represents your pet’s personality and keeps them safe if they feel like going on an unexpected adventure.  Safety and style for your loving, barking best friend!

This is a great idea for a small dog.  I say this just because if you have a big dog that rips up his or her toys, this might not be a great option.  My little dog loved the toys that made crinkle-plastic sounds and now I wish he were still here so I could make him one of these!  This is simple, easy, inexpensive, and you can make them over and over without a bunch of trips to the pet store paying for pricey toys.

DIY Doggy Jacket

I used to hate seeing my dog, Cody, standing outside in the cold or the rain to use the bathroom.  Since we love our pets so much, lets shelter them from the elements while they do their business or want to play in the cold!  Using this tutorial from, we can use our boyfriend/husband/fathers’ old shirts and turn them into a plush little outer coat for our chilly pups.

Stuff for the Kitties!

Four Poster Bed

This is a wonderfully simple way to make your cat feel like royalty.  Yes, they seem like they already think so, but let’s humor them!  Just turn an old end table upside down, paint, place a cushion on the underneath and you have yourself a frame and mattress for your crazy cat.  Depending on how large the table is, you can do the same thing for your dog. :)

Suitcase Beds

When I saw these, I just DIED!  So cute and so eco friendly, reusing damaged or thrift store suitcases for your pet is a great way to make a comfy bed with just a pillow :)

The picture above sends you a link to an etsy store where you can order one of your own.  Personally, I think this would be a great craft challenge and I would spend a day scouring thrift shops for a retro suitcase!

This is even great for your pup!  Click the pic for a DIY tutorial.

And you can make it FANCY!

Retro TV Bed

I love this idea!  It seems EVERYONE has an old television set they are trying to get rid of, and you can find many different types of old sets at thrift shops and I can’t even tell you how many I drive by in a month, just sitting there waiting for the junk yard.  One thing I never thought of – one man’s trash is a kitty heaven.  I though this was just adorable!

Cute Cat Toys

Click the picture for some cute cat toys with style that won’t fall apart like the ones from the pet store.

Need to find Nemo? All you need is a quarter!

I wasn’t intending to feature fish as a pet, but if a four legged friend isn’t a part of your lifestyle and you prefer a friend with fins, you can make an aquarium out of an old gumball machine for an eclectic and ingenious touch!

Well, that is it for my pet finds.  I hope you all enjoy these ideas I found and hopefully your pets will reap the benefits. :)

Woof, Meow, Have a nice day!


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