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Sally Mann: The Capturer

7 Mar

Sally Mann: The Capturer

Sally Mann was born in Lexington, Virginia in 1951, and thank God for that.  She is one of the most talented and skilled photographers from the United States and her photographs, (often of her children Jessie, Virginia, and Emmett), capture a moment so wonderfully that I feel as though the picture was taken of me.  She captures the grit of an instantaneous expression, of ridiculousness, of life and growing up, and feeling older than you are, or being older than you are.  She grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and shared the memories she made with her children as they grew up playing in the fields, hills, rivers, and streams of Appalachia.

Virginia, Emmett, Jessie

Above is a photograph of Sally with her daughters, Jessie and Virginia

This is a relatively recent photograph of Sally Mann

Below are some photos of her daughter, Virginia, from childhood.

And some photos of Jessie

And a few more from Family Pictures

And more examples of her photography

Her pictures of her children and those of others remind me of childhood and the dog days of summer, when it was so hot everything seemed black and white, after the grass died and the hot sun was just a blistering bright light in my eyes.  When I ran around like a wild thing, with no rules and nature all around, free to do good or evil during the days when school was out and the world was mine.  What a feeling to rehash, now that I am older and the world feels much less under my control.  Anyway, it takes me back :) .

Sally Mann has done more than just capture childhood, adolescence, freedom, and family at its best,  she has done portraits, landscapes (specifically of the south, gorgeous!), ambrotypes,and even has a collection of photographs she took of dead bodies at  the anthropological facility at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.  Sometimes she allows for nudity, the bare person, and she is definitely not afraid to push the envelope!  It is obvious that her photography has unimaginable depth, and her need to capture life and death, and everything in between is the reason I wanted to share some of her works with you today.

Please visit  to see her selected works and if you would like a list of her 9 books of 4 films.  I hope you all do some searching around because there is more Sally Mann out in the world than I could ever fit in one blog post.

What can you capture?



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