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Desk Makeover

13 Mar

As I promised here is a project that I did last year that was a thrift store purchase and I used items around the house to upgrade it into something new!

I got out all the supplies and set up camp in the backyard to work on this itty bitty desk I found while thrift to shopping!

Here’s the gorgeous little chair I started with!

I sanded it down real quick with just a light touch to get the shiny cover off of it so it would hold the paint.

I did one coat of white paint which was not enough! I let it dry for about 20 minutes and did another layer.

And TADA! Here is the finished second coat of white just sitting out to dry :D

I cut out batting and fabric to cover the seat and make it padded. My favorite part about staple gunning fabric to a seat is the fact that you can just rip it out later and change the fabric to fit the style you want it to be!

Here is a close up of the seat! The secret to keeping the shape of the heart while padding it was to pull the fabric tight in the middle of the top of the heart and stapling it there first. Then spread out the fabric and pull around the rest of it. Next part is painting the top of the desk with chalkboard paint!

I am so excited with the new desk :D  Emma is a too small for it right now so the next step is deciding if we are going to keep it or not… it’s such a tough decision!

Maybe just maybe if I can find a cute spot to put it in without it being in the way ;)

Just so all of you know – Emma uses this on a daily basis now and we did keep it! <3

This project cost me all of $8. I think it was a win! What do you think?

Love Always,



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