Spring Into Fashion!

19 Mar

Spring Into Fashion!

Okay, so the weather is changing, there is Spring cleaning going on, and you are trying to figure out what to put away until next year.  I’m going to give everyone a little boost of inspiration for your Springtime wardrobe with some interesting and breezy outfits I found.

Patterns & Prints

A great way to get excited about Spring is to put a little pep in your step with some interesting patterns that draw the eye!

I love these polka-dot pants!  If you love the girly look, these are a great find!  You can find patterned pants at the mall this time of year.  Find a solid color top for a bold look.

I have always been a fan of stripes, regardless of vertical or horizontal.  With a pair of chic, solid shorts, you can look professional even in a casual stripe.

Feel free to experiment with an open back for a little glimpse of Springtime skin ;)

A floral pattern is a classic look for Spring!  Never shy away from some rose buds or daisies!

The White Pant

Wearing a white pant can take some of your winter blouses and lighten them up for the springtime.  Using a solid white pant accentuates an interesting pattern or bright color and looks very sleek.  Just make sure you throw in a little bleach in the wash with them occasionally to keep them looking fresh and new!

Green is one of my favorite colors to wear and also a great color to wear in spring as all the plants are getting their greenery back!

Wearing a white pant can also create a color-blocking effect, to accentuate a bright color even if you aren’t wearing a pattern, and can also help your springtime accessories stand out.

If you aren’t a fan of the white pant, you can always switch it up with a colored pant!  I love this casual, yet colorful outfit.


Blazers are great because they are light weight, look professional, and can keep you warm in the spring breeze.  They are all over the place and thanks to H&M and Forever21, black and grey are not the only colors available and the prices are affordable.

I love the idea of taking a white jean and dressing it up with a BLAZER! A beautiful pink with a nice mint flat make this a comfy, casual, and put-together look.

It is also easy to pair a blazer with a dress, if you are going on an afternoon date, or want to get a bit girly!

I love this neutral spring time look that pairs a beige blazer with a pair of patterned shorts!  Super chic.

Skirts & Dresses

Don’t pack up your sweater dresses just yet!  You can pair your winter wear with a strappy sandal or heel to make this a warm-weather fit.  What you once wore with hose or leggings and boots can now be fun for Spring!

I love this refreshing chevron pattern!  This dress is light and airy, but definitely a bold eye-catcher.

Another great outfit, with pattern, color, and interesting ideas for accessories!

I have always been a big fan of long, flowing skirts in the spring, but I had never seen one with these multi-pleats!   Even if you like darker colors (like me!) you can look like a Spring goddess.

If you don’t like dark colors, find something bright and colorful and spread the joy!

Slip into a short skirt if you want!  It is Spring and the weather is fine :)

That is it for my Spring fashion suggestions!  I hope everyone is getting ready for some warm weather and feel inspired to dress for yourself everyday this Spring!

Happy Spring :)


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