Cool New Urban Art

21 Mar

Recently, I have had some spare time, browsing the internet to find inspiration and anything interesting or funny that is out there in the digital outer space.  Yes, I found some funny memes, cute cat pictures, and even a video of an adorable pug that, for some reason, is completely unable to learn how to run, but does skips and flails to get around (it is very adorable and hilarious so I will post this at the end).  But amongst all this useless humor I found some profoundly interesting art forms that I fell in love with!  Unfortunately, most of them are illegal (at least on public property), so I won’t get to go out and create my own masterpiece.  Or maybe I’ll just get brave for the sake of giving the public something awesome to see on their way to their jobs, just to spice up a monday!

Reverse Graffiti

This art form is one that I find very educating: it reveals to the public just how dirty the city can get, shows the city that they need to do something about it, and demonstrates how beautiful the city can be if we all chip in to clean up!

These artists go out and, instead of painting on a clean wall, clean a dirty wall (or car!  you could be next) in a design or image that they want portrayed.  The end result is fantastic!

Girl With A Pearl Earring…in dust on a car! Spectacular.

In the caption (which is quite small), it says that this was created in San Francisco and is still visible now, a year later.

Really cool car :)

The British five pound note.  Hello, Queen Elizabeth!

Awareness for emotional and psychological crisis, a great message for those who read it!

A dirty tunnel gets cleaned up, and we see how white the perforated walls used to be!  I love how detailed this one is.

Urban Knitting

This one is really interesting.  I have been learning how to crochet, and in the first five seconds I learned that IT TAKES FOREVER!  I’m sure for these tasks, huge teams of knitters run out and get this done before they get arrested!  Yes, this is illegal, and gets taken down immediately and investigated.  It may annoy the authorities, but it makes me smile :) .

Haha!  Car hat!  I’m betting someone did this to their own vehicle, so that makes this one I could try out!  I just have to get human-size down first and I’ll work up to it.

Who knew? Sweaters look good on trees!

I love this one!  I want that bus, and I can’t even drive one.

Now, I don’t know how this was managed and I’m surprised it lasted long enough to get a pic!  New York must have liked it.

This is just a really cool picture :)

Moss Graffiti

Another find was moss graffiti!  You use moss and some other extra things to make a mixture and put it in a spray bottle for a green eye-catcher.  This form of art takes some time and maintenance, since you have to trim the moss, but it turns out a most beautiful green.

Some wall art.

Carefully sculpted gator!

A testament to the need for oxygen in our air, and the ability of plant life to provide it.

And best of all, you can make moss graffiti at home, on your own!  Decorate your plain brick walls with moss in any design that strikes your fancy!  This whole thing kind of reminds me of a chia pet.

And here is the random video of Loca, the adorable dog that cannot walk!  Just watch it.

I hope you enjoyed these interesting finds!

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