Leslie Life Update

28 Mar

So I was planning on doing a profile on my friend and local artist Wendi Goodwin, but she gave me so much material (which is awesome!) that I am going to take the time to get everything perfect.

So I’m going to give everyone an update on what has been happening in my life!

As usual, I have been keeping up with local music and art, but I have had a couple of exciting things happen.

I have applied to graduate school for social work and I am waiting till May to find out if I have been accepted into any programs. I have been doing the usual, my nanny job with three girls who are AMAZING and I love spending my days with them.  But since I moved back to the area, I have been trying to get an internship or volunteer position at many of the local social services departments and non-profit organizations, in order to get some experience and to learn about how these departments are run.  After months of calling around and running around on a wild goose-chase, I have gotten a volunteer position at the social services department in my area!  Woo hoo!  The assistant director talked to me and was so helpful, and she will be assigning a social worker to teach and oversee my work.  I am so excited to put my skills to work and to get back to LEARNING!  Since leaving school, I have been reading, blogging, crafting, and doing anything to keep my sponge of a mind content.  It feels great to know I can finally get back to the grindstone and to be contributing a necessary service to my community!

I am also taking a trip to Blacksburg to spend Easter with my sister, who is a student at Virginia Tech.  I have missed Hokie House, the beautiful campus, and Thai cuisine from Cafe De Bankok, yum!   I’ll probably be having some good food this week, mostly some pad thai, falafel, and some calzones from my old job at D. P. Dough.  I can’t wait to see my old co-workers and visit some of my professors that supported me and wrote letters of recommendation for my graduate school applications.

An even bigger plus?  It has been snowing the past few days in the mountains there!  The last time I visited Blacksburg, a snow plow destroyed my driver-side side view mirror, so it is great that I get to see the new snow AFTER all of the mess has been cleaned up.  My poor car gets a break!  I can’t wait to spend some time with my sister and to get to spend the holiday with her.

This is a picture of my lovely sister, her wonderful roommate, and me (plus the pier store guy!) this past summer on family vacation in Oak Island, NC.

I love getting to hang out with them and it has been way too long.  Plus I love long road trips where I get to play music and sing as loud as I want to with no judgment!  Hopefully, some innocent driver will pass me and get a glimpse of my rock concert face :)

Wish me luck on the drive and Happy Easter to everyone!

Happy Holidays, All!


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