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Eye Shadow Tips and How-To’s

4 Apr

I have never been one for outrageous eyeshadow.  I go for the neutral colors, minimal liner, and occasional mascara (I HATE when the stuff smudges!)  However, I have recently become an owner of a large palate of eyeshadow colors.  I figure, it is time to learn out how to put them to good use.  I guess one of the reasons I have never experimented with my make-up is because I didn’t have the know-how, just got into a comfort zone where I had favorite colors (ahem: purple & brown shades) and repeated the same steps any time make-up was necessary.  I have very sensitive and blemish prone skin, so I really avoid foundation when possible, and so I usually overlook the effects that a little bit of make-up can have on my overall look.  I suppose it is time to explore some eyeshadow tactics!

First, let’s start off with some beginning tips:

1. USE PRIMER!  This is not as necessary unless you are trying to get some bold colors to hold onto the lid, but in general, using it will make your shadow stand out and last longer.  I actually found a recipe for some easy, inexpensive, homemade  primer using your own foundation.  This is great because if you are using foundation, then the primer is going to blend with it and keep your lids from looking unnaturally light or dark when beginning to apply color.  The only two ingredients are your foundation and some avocado body butter at a 1:4 ratio. Click the pic for a link to a more in-depth tutorial!

2.  Don’t underestimate brushes!  They all do something different, and with each one you use, you are adding a new effect.  Eyeshadow is more like painting than I had originally thought!  There are brushes for smudging, shading contouring, the works.  Learning how to use them correctly can make a huge impact on how sophisticated your eye shadow look appears.  Here is a short, simple list of the brushes that are out there for your use.

I suggest buying the brushes you want to use, and actually investing in a good one!  I have bought some brushes in my life for using stage make-up for my dance recitals.  Buying the cheapest thing usually lands you with loose brush-hairs in your face and eyes!  Take my word for it: it is not ignorable and completely annoying to deal with this.

3.  Use concealer for puffy eyes or under-eye darkness.  I have had so many friends complain, after finishing all of their make-up, that they still had dark under eye circles.  Right before you walk out of the door, this is a difficult thing to correct quickly.  If you are having one of those days, take the extra minute to focus on the under-eye so you will be completely satisfied with your eye make-up.  I have never really used concealer, but have definitely felt that dark-under-eye-gloom and decided to see if there is a method specifically for dark under eyes.  Well, I found one!  I really love this blog (click the pic to link to the site) and will definitely be using it for some more make-up advice in the future.

4.  Learn about your eye shape.  There is no denying that each of us has a different eye shape and so different things are going to work better for each person.  It is good to get an idea about your eye shape and learn which looks are going to best complement your eyes, open them up, and accentuate their specific qualities.  I found some sites with great explanations!  This was really great for me, because I have slightly-hooded eyes (I found out!) and I always wondered why I couldn’t make my eyeshadow and eyeliner look like the models.  Well, I guess it is for the same reason clothes don’t fit me like they fit on models!  I have a naturally different shape to work with.  But I can still work it!

Here are some eyeshadow tips.  Sorry the print is so small!

And here are some eyeliner tips!

5.  Learn about the different contours of the eye and get a general idea about where each layer or color of shadow will have the greatest effect.  Here is a very clear diagram.  Now I’m sure there are variations and feel free to explore: make-up is art and it has no real parameters.  But this is something that can help you start out  with some basic shadow combinations.

6.  Learn which colors accentuate your eye color!

This site has some quick tips for matching eyeshadow with eye color: 

If in doubt, look at a color wheel!  The color directly opposite of your eye color should bring out your eye color because they will be contrasting colors.  Of course, there are other things to consider, such as skin tone and hair color and possibly the colors in your outfit.

7. Learn how to BLEND your shadows.  It seems easy, but sometimes it takes some time and a little technique.  I found this site with some great beauty tips and a picture tutorial for how to blend!  Click on the pic to get to the site!

Also, here is a video that goes into blending a little more.

Okay, now I am done with the tips so lets get to some of the different eyeshadow tutorials to try out at home!

I can’t wait to dip into my colors!

Glitter & Glam

So I am going to start us off with a look at something VERY outrageous :)  This colorful-glitter eye is great for a club night out when you want to look funky and fun, but very girly.  Grab your favorite color and go glam!

Smoky Liner

Here is a great way to use your eye lining as the main focus of your look!  Great for something dramatic without a lot of color! Wear your red dress out tonight! ;)

The Movie Star

Here is another more bold and smoky night look!  This is red carpet intense, but quite beautiful!  You won’t need a bold lip color with this, your eyes will have all of the attention!

Cool & Collected

I fell in love with this tutorial!  I am always a fan of a gold or bronze on the top lid (the neutral-color-lover in me) but I love how just a little splash of color on the bottom lid makes the look completely different – the eyes are accentuated and the look has become fun with a bit of personality.  To me, this look just says: BEACH GIRL!  Use your favorite color (or one that will bring out your eye color) and get cute!

Everyday Natural

This is much more my usual style: neutral, safe, casual.  This is great for accenting your eyes’ natural beauty and I just love it for everyday.  A soft brown or a light, neutral pink is a great little bit of color that is not so noticeable and makes your make-up look effortless :)

Smoky & Colorful

Because my eyes are a hazel with some green, brown, and grey, I often go for purple when I do occasionally decide to go all out with the color.  This is a playful, bright look good for going out, or for lunch with the ladies!

The Bronze & The Beautiful

I love this bronzy, coppery look!  It mixes my love for the neutral with a little bit of glitz and boldness!  You can change this up with a different palette of colors, but this is the one I would go with!  Love it.

Green Goddess

This is a beautiful eye!  I love the smoky green look with the copper lower lashline that looks sleek and adventuresome.  I love that the colors aren’t neutral, but they come from nature!  A perfect look for a classy St. Patty’s, as well!  Too bad I am late with this selection.  But next year we will all look smokin’!

If you don’t feel like making your eyes the center of attention, it is a good idea to amp up your lip wear!  This is a great tutorial for making lips that look plump and bright! I love the idea of the shimmer in the center of the lip for some oomph.

So this is the end of my beauty post!  I wish I could keep going, but life is calling me and I would like to free up some time for trying out some of these tutorials!

Bat those eyes, Ladies!



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