Some Sweet Things for Your Ears!

16 Apr

Sorry for the late post, everyone!  Life has gotten a little hectic lately, and I have had some last minute emergencies that took priority :( Boo! But here is a nice mid-morning treat for you all with some music videos that I hope everyone likes!  I love music and when I get stressed and overwhelmed I find myself taking a few moments of relief in the beautiful sounds that others make for us all to enjoy!

Kaoru  Ishibashi is an incredibly talented singer and musician who grew up in Norfolk, VA (A real Hampton Roads guy!)  He studied the violin classically and has so much talent and skill the share with us!  He has worked with Regina Spektor, of Montreal, and even The Last Bison (also of Hampton Roads, VA.)  I proud to be from the area when I hear him play :) .  He uses looping, beatboxing, singing, classical violin, and some amazing plucking to bring happy tears to our eyes!  He will be playing on June 14 at the 2013 Friday Cheers event on Brown’s Island produced by Venture Richmond and you can see him for $5!  Definitely worth it.

This is “Heartaches and Pain” by Charles Bradley & The Menahan Street Band.  They a funk/jazz group formed in 2008, and with the help of Charles Bradley, they take us back to the 60′s and 70′s with their music.  Love this!  Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires are playing June 7th at the Friday Cheers Festival in Richmond.

This is a band called Local Natives and they are one of my favorite bands!  I particularly love this “Take Away Show” where they walk through a shopping plaza for some amazing acoustic effects and a really bare sound.  Just lovely, and it is great to hear the percussion so purely.  And anyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with good harmonies – these guys just have it.

Another one of my favorite band (and a favorite of many others I know!) is Iron & Wine.  Folksy, twangy, soothing sounds with great harmonies from this guy, I just can’t get enough of it.  He will be playing May 16th at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens in Richmond, a fitting setting for his lovely sounds!  I will definitely be there.

Okay that is it for my little musical post, and I hope you all enjoyed it.

I am going to dedicate part of my post today to remembering the 32 lives lost at Virginia Tech 6 years ago today.  I became a freshman at the school in Fall of ’07, and  I am truly blessed to have been a part of such a strong community of students and teachers.  Through this tragedy, the community of Blacksburg came together with a new respect for life.  Each of the souls that moved on on this day 6 years past left an imprint on the world even in their short time.  They are a testament to the great things that our generation can do with motivation and dedication, and we need to remember them, appreciate life, and honor their work by continuing to influence the world as each of them did.  I know that for many, remembering is painful, but I find remembering their lives to be an inspiration for me, every day.

Also, my heart goes out to those affected by the Boston Marathon bombings.  It may seem as though tragedy is sweeping the nation over and over again, but we must all recognize that there are acts of kindness and love every day that are not reported on the news.  And each  one of us has the power to contribute to that every day.

Repair your soul with music,


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