Polymer Clay Creations

18 Apr

I have been getting into making polymer clay jewelry and I was hoping to share some of the things I have made with everyone!  I have just been playing around, trying to get the hang of it and I have made some pieces that I love!  I’m thinking I might make an etsy store soon and I am looking to get some feedback on some of my creations.

I recently went to my first craft show, and realized  I was NOT as prepared as many of the artisans selling their works.  I have to say that I learned a lot looking at the set ups.  I need to find a great way to display my jewelry and I am looking into some crafty ways to make displays and I will probably by posting some tutorials for some interesting hangers etc.

Below is what  I call my “Naturals” because they are made either from or to like like parts of nature!

These are my helicopter earrings, made from the seeds of a maple tree.  We have a couple large maple trees in my back yard and my sister and I would throw them in the air and watch as they danced to the ground!  I love that I can now wear them on my ears :)

Here is a picture of some of my leaf imprint necklaces (also with my braid which is obviously not part of my naturals).  Below are some up close pictures of those necklaces.

The above is on black clay with an olive green metallic shimmer finished with a glossy glaze.

Here is on with a blue shimmer.  I also have ones in silver and gold.  I just love these!

These are made just like the helicopter earrings and leaf necklaces, with a leaf imprint and a metallic shimmer.  These actually look pink in the light, but the camera didn’t capture that :( .

This is my orchid!  If you know me well then you know that my favorite flowers are orchids, every kind!  This I sculpted by hand and it took forever because it is so small and delicate.  It was almost impossible to place the veins, and I had to use a needle to place them on the petals since my fingers were too big (and I wear child-size gloves!)  It was all worth it because I love the end result.

Below are my bows!  The light pink was my first attempt, but you can see I’ve gotten better!  The hot pink is my favorite and I plan to make many more and possibly post a tutorial for you guys!

Below are just some pictures of random pendants I have made.

This is an old-school William and Mary symbol!  The first craft show I went to was the Second Sundays event in colonial Williamsburg and I decided to pay homage to my mom’s school!

This is just a creative pendant I made from pinks, black and silver.  I was just having fun, but I like the result!

This is my squiggle!  I really like it even though it looks like a snake with no face, haha!

This is just a pendant I made from a stamp, but I loved the pattern!  I prefer to make my own designs though.

This is Cartman!  I also am a big fan of South Park, although I usually don’t like cartoons.  But I knew my guy friends would get a kick out of seeing the cartoon cast, after seeing all my bows and girly things :) .

Well that is it for my creations, but many more are on their way!  I hope you like them and please send me some feedback if you have any!  Also, if there is anything you would like to see me do, give me the challenge, bring it on!



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