The Second Messy House Tour

Here we go with the upstairs!! It’s equivalent in space to the downstairs except it doesn’t include the nook:

Let’s take you right up the steps! I love the landing up here and I’m thinking of ways to add a little something to it!


Here is the hallway at the top of the steps! It’s really wide (when there isn’t stacks of furniture in the way ;) haha) which I love. I can just imagine the house being full but not feeling crowded at all!

Okay! So starting at the first door on the left!

Welcome to the Master Bedroom! Which we don’t have enough furniture to fill at the moment … looks like we have some shopping to do! Brian and I have already bought a new bedspread and are chatting about headboard ideas :)

The master bath – sorry this picture is a little fuzzy, I had a little helper at my feet. It is the biggest most spacious bathroom I have EVER HAD! Did I mention this bedroom has a his and her’s closet AS WELL as a linen closet in here? That seems a bit crazy but I’ll take whatever storage I can get!

Here is where most people ooh and ahhh and I kind of shrug my shoulders. Don’t get me wrong! I love baths – but in order to fill up this tub to have a bath – there’s never any hot water left and you are sitting in a luke warm space. I’ve checked out some ideas to repurpose this space since I probably won’t be using it (I’ll be using Emma’s tub instead).

Back out in the hallway the second door on your left.

The guest bathroom (Emma’s bathroom). It may seem small because I’m standing in the doorway but it’s NOT! After giving Emma a bath in here I realized how nice and spacious this space really is! We’ll be doing some updating in this space as well :)

Back out in the hallway – last door on your left.

This is GOING to be Emma’s room. We are in the process of painting and setting up this room for her so this one is a project in the works. Temporarily she is staying in the guest room.

So back out in the hallway – last door on your right (right across from Emma’s soon to be room)

Is her temporary room / the guest room. This will be rearranged differently once we move her into her room.

Back into the hallway – passed the linen closet (another linen closet!!!) is the first door on your right.

Which looks like a big heap of MESS. This is my to be craft room!!!! This is where I will be spending nap times and weekends. Making things happen! Of course it’s going to take some time to get this room up and ready to go ;)

So that’s the upstairs tour! Friday I’ll be showing you what we are working on down the basement and the outdoor tour of our house & community!

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    1. Thanks! I know!! I will admit I’m giving Brian the bigger closet. He actually has more clothes than I do!!


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