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DIY Paper Chandelier

While making decorations for Emma’s birthday I decided to a chandelier instead of centerpiece and I am SO happy with how it came out I wanted to share how I made it with all of you.
First I needed to figure out how I was going to make the frame. I took four rods and hot glued the ends together (in the long run it would have been smart to do a criss-cross in the center as well to stabilize it)

Then you’ll need paper and scissors! I folded the paper hot dog style twice to make four defined lines. Then I cut it into strips, glued the ends together and hot glued them to each other.IMG_4879
Then when they are a lined up I glued them to the frames!




What do you think?


Zulily Goodies!

If you’ve never heard of Zulily, you like home decor, fashion accessories, clothes, kids items, and more – you are about to get your mind blown! This online store is making it hard for me to not become addicted to shopping online. With all the great deals I just want to snatch everything up!



Not sure how this works?



Zulily posts items from vendors (name brand stores as well as new never been heard of stores!) that are currently on sale with them. Once the date of the sale expires they ship out all the goodies to all those who purchased. You know how I get doubly excited when I buy something (first the excitement of purchasing it online – then the excitement when it shows up)? Yeah this is what happens.


They’ve got a great category list which makes it easy to search for things.



Or you can get specific with items and sizes! Better yet – just use the search bar at the top to find what you are looking for!



My favorite section is to peek at what’s coming up next! Do I think I’m going to get a better deal by seeing it first .. no – but then I won’t miss out on any deals since some of these deals sell out fast!



They even have a back to school section!! AHH I am in love with those smart planet boxes & tumblers. Brian could use some new goodies to take to work – not to mention the prices are AMAAAAZING!

If you haven’t already scooted your butt over there check out the link on our sidebar –>

This post is sponsorship with Zulily

Work From Home Series: Paperwork, Notebooks, and Scheduling

Hey everyone! Welcome to my first day on the Making Work From Home Work Better Series :) I am so excited to share with you how I’ve been revamping my work space. This is something I suggest for everyone to do often. As things change, you will constantly need to be changing your organization process to keep up with it!

Here is what I’m working on to fix my area! I’ve had these unused notebooks since college. I decided now that I have a good amount of constant things going on in my life, Virtual Assistant work, Blogging, Etsy, and more that I needed to create a dedicated space for each of them!

Each notebook got a defined title for its purpose. That way I can keep them separate and not worry about mixing up any important information or getting distracted by multiple things I am trying to work on. I just pull out one notebook at a time for whatever I am working on at that moment!


Having binder accessories is handy. I like having tabbed sections to keep certain pieces of information organized. I also love clear sheet protectors as a way to make sure certain paperwork won’t get damaged with use. I tend to put things I won’t need to take in and out or edit often in here.


Once you have your notebook set up, it’s time to fill it up with great organizing tools and forms. I like to print out a calendar to keep in each notebook for reference. Even if it is just a blank calendar having easy access to look at dates is great. I use my online google calendar to keep track of every aspect of my life as you can see below!



When it comes to building forms, like timesheets, inventory, contact lists and etc. I tend to use the google Apps drive. I’ll open up the Forms Library and find one that fits my needs or tweak it until it really fits into what I need. If you feel comfortable with excel you can always create your own forms and databases (I do sometimes, just because you can’t find everything you need).



The great thing about keeping notebooks is they are EASILY interchangeable. If something new happens and you need to update your system it’s really easy to just throw in a new tab with some new forms and keep going.

The other thing I like to do is keep notebook paper in each section. Even though a majority of what I do I keep track of on the computer – there is nothing like pen and paper!

How do you organize your paperwork?

I Brake for Yard Sales!

I just finished reading I Brake for Yard Sales by Lara Spencer and I couldn’t NOT share it with you all!! The title had me from Hello. One thing I absolutely love? Yard sale hopping, thrift stores, and flea markets are starting to be a new thing for me!

After opening the book it was an instant “home” feeling. I kept reading and found myself screaming, “She gets me!!”

071313 009



This book is great for figuring out what kind of style you like and where you are most likely going to find it! She gives great examples and ideas for figuring out what you want in your home.

071313 010

If you are unsure of where to start looking, she’s got that covered! She explains the best places to look for things as well as some great do’s and dont’s at each event. You’ll feel prepared and prepped before you even step out of the door!

071313 012


This is a great read for those who are interested in starting to decorate their home with yard sale, flea market, thrift shop, and auction finds at great prices!

Here is Barnes & Noble’s overview:

Good Morning America correspondent Lara Spencer is a self-confessed frugalista with a passion for shopping at yard sales, thrift shops, and estate sales, and for decorating her home and friends’ homes with her fabulous finds. In I Brake for Yard Sales, Lara shares her secrets for bargain hunting and tells you where to shop, what to look for, how to pay for it, how to restore it, and finally, where to put it in your house. Looking for the newest arrivals at your local thrift shops? After busy Saturdays and no-pick-up Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are generally the best days to shop for fresh items. Peppered with wisdom from world-renowned appraisers whom Lara knows from her previous work on Antiques Roadshow as well as contributions from well-known designers, this book also features the house of comedienne and good friend Kathy Griffin, which Spencer herself refurbished and decorated.



Making Working from Home Work Better!

As most of you know – I a work from home mom and sometimes cutting myself off from working is a challenge. It’s so easy to just keep working when it’s right there! It’s also really easy to feel overwhelmed or unorganized when you are surrounded by all your personal belongings!!

via FreshHome

One thing you’ll notice about me is I am constantly updating how I organize things – it may seem ridiculous but I absolutely love it! I think one of the reasons that I stay so organized is because I get excited to spend a little time reorganizing often.

Desk organizer

via RealSimple

We all know that one way of organizing isn’t always going to work. Things are constantly changing in our lives and organizing isn’t any different. Updating your system now and then is a great way to get you back on track and boost your production!

Home office in corner of kitchen

via RealSimple

For the next five weeks I am going to be posting about how I have recently reorganized my work from home life! I am going to go through a series of things I have done to update my space with tips on how to customize it to fit your life.

Here are a few to start you out with while you are waiting that I found on Pinterest:

Before & After Closet!

Hey everyone! My custom closet is finally finished! We went from Builder Grade to Custom Made in no time ;)

I’m not a fan of Builder grade closets at all. Mainly because I don’t like slotted shelves. The fact that my stuff can fall through the slots is not cool. Secondly there’s only one shelf and I’m 4’11 which means I can’t reach it.

Since I don’t hang things much I’d would much rather have a built in shelf!

I fold all my pants, jeans, leggings, shorts, skirts on one side.

Sweatshirts, long sleeve shirts, t-shirts, and tube tops on the other side! Everything else is my chest in my room.

My dad built the hang up space a bit lower so when I use the top shelf I can actually reach it. He put a second shelf above which I can’t reach but will just be putting storage up there that I won’t need to get to often.

As you can see the amount I hang up is nice shirts and dresses. I’m a stay at home mom and I hardly dress up so there’s not much that needs hung.

I’m pretty happy with this before and after!!

MiDesign – Yes Please!

Hey everyone! I wanted to give you a quick glance at something that I’m hoping to use for Emma’s birthday party!

MiDesign is something Michael’s came up with to make custom Invites, Notes, Stationery, Napkins and Accessories! It is the best way to personalize your items and have them shipped without a worry in the world!

Ribbon Banner Photo Wedding Invitation

They have a ton of different wedding invitations that you can personalize! Change the color, the font, Get a preview, and give five different samples sent to you for FREE! Sometimes it’s just easier to know what you want when it’s in your hands and free is a great price!

Wooden Colors Note Card and Envelope

Get fun Thank you cards for any occasion! I love the modern decorative choices they have and how much you can customize these! You can never have too many thank you cards – NEVER!

Confetti Photo Birthday Invitation

If I hadn’t already sent out an evite for Emma’s bday I would have totally chosen this one! Not only is she going through a “I want one of every color” but she thinks anything that looks like sprinkles is the best thing that ever happened! I love the color option with the black and white photo in the background. It looks clean but fun!

Party Decorations Ooh La Color Napkins

Custom NAPKINS!? What!? I love it :D There is nothing more fun then designing your own accessories and Emma would get a kick out everyone having a napkin with her face on it!

Bright Chevron Favor Boxes - Fuchsia

Favor boxes especially made for you. It might just be me, but I love thinking of gifts to give back to friends in family. Since my family isn’t much of a sweets kind, I’m thinking of filling their bags with things they do use! (Of course I’ll have candy for the kids)

Custom Address Stamp - Square Frame

My sister bought me a return address label stamp and I can’t thank her enough for it! I LOVE not having to buy new labels, type them myself, or worse case scenerio – hand write them when I have a bunch!

Did you see anything you’d use?

Sponsored by MiDesign@Michaels

Oh my!

It’s seems like we’ve been a little MIA this week! We just wanted to say a quick sorry for being behind on posts! We’ve been getting our hands dirty this week ;)

We are looking forward to some fun new posts for you this coming week! Stay tuned!

A Custom Closet

In our home we have his & her’s closets but they aren’t your typical his & her’s because I’m crazy ;) What I mean is I gave up my her’s closet and gave it to him because he has more clothes than I do. You might be thinking that Brian has a TON of clothes – he doesn’t. I just don’t have many at all. Since I’m a work from home mom – I don’t need that many outfits, I don’t go out to fancy places often so I only have a few fancy dresses. Most of my clothes I don’t even hang up! I’m a folder. I fold my jeans, t-shirts, shorts, pj’s, sweatshirts, sweatpants, you name it – I most likely fold it!

So I took the smaller closet knowing that I’d be putting mostly shelves in here. Luckily I have an amazing father who can visualize what I have in mind and make it happen!

He bought some Billy shelves from Ikea and decided to use the sides as a template. Since my closet is much more narrow than the billy shelves he cute each individual shelf to fit inside the closet.

 Look at those beautiful shelves!!! We still have a little bit more to go but I cannot wait to move in! As you can see I have a small bar in the middle for hang up clothes but once I move in you’ll notice how much I DON’T hang up!A close up of the beauty’s I can’t wait to fill! I’ll show you the finished product as soon as we get this completed!!