Making Lemon Leaves from Lemon Seeds

Hey everyone! I saw this cool tutorial on Pinterest and thought I’d give it a shot. Today I am going to show you how I took Lemon seeds and made it into Lemon leaves!

Maybe I'll try growing these in the Spring...Instructions : 1-remove outer shell of lemon seed. 2-remove inner protective layer of lemon seed 3-sprout seeds (I like to put them in a damp paper towel, sealed in a zip lock bag,and left in a warm area) 4-once sprouted, plant and enjoy.

I got out my lemons and started chopping them up to find the seeds!


Now you know me – the instructions said to boil and peel of a layer and blah blah blah – I’m lazy and thought, maybe just maybe if I just plant them it’ll work ;)


So I pulled them out and planted those suckers!


I spaced them out just so and covered them with more soil.


Water and wait!!



It didn’t take long for little sprouts to show up! So if you are wanting to do a quick project with kids to explain how seeds grow into plants – lemon seeds are great!


This is two weeks into it and they are growing like weeds!! I water them a little every few days and each day we wake up, Emma screams that they are growing and growing so big!!

photo (91)

For not being able to keep many plants alive – I am one proud Mommy I could teach Emma how to grow something! <3

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