A Charming Twist is a website dedicated to sharing all the charming things in life like crafts, recipes, beauty & fashion, home decor & design, and daily life. We hope to inspire each and every reader to make changes in their lives that allow them to be creative as well as budget friendly! We publish an average of 20-25 articles a month about what inspires us and what we think would inspire our readers also. We hope to provide a new outlet for readers to come and find inspiring ideas to enhance their lives. Promoting brands that follow along with our mission is something we love to do.

Our grand opening of the blog was January 1st 2013 and since then we have striven to have new followers each day by providing them with great reads. We have 940+ dedicated followers, we get over 3,500 views , and 300+ clicks on links on our page!


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If you have any other questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us! Waking up to emails is our favorite way to start the day

Disclosures: A Charming Twist is a for profit blog.  Our site uses paid advertisements and occasional relevant affiliate links. Gifted and sponsored items are noted within content with “c/o” (courtesy of) or “provided by”. All opinions expressed on A Charming Twist are our own.

We are thankful for our readers and sponsors!

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Leslie & Jennifer

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