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Pinteresting Sunny Finds

12 Apr

The warm weather is here and it’s my favorite time of year! <3 I’m a sunshine type of girl so as you can probably guess – I’m all about finding fun things to do in the sunshine. Check out my latest finds on Pinterest for those warm weather days :)


Over sized bags for keeping all the necessities in ;) Towel, water, book, sunscreen, sunglasses, wallet, snacks, you name it – I’ve got it in my bag!

A change up in recipes! No more weigh me down food and more light and fun food!

A warm weather reading list! I love basking in the sun with a good book!

Fun flirty dresses! Now I’m not stuck in layers of clothing anymore – I can breath!!

Yummy sangria! Nothing like a refreshing glass to keep you cool on a nice warm day :)

Exploring new places! Getting outside and having an adventure!

Flippy Floppies!!!!!!!!!!!! I love sandals and flip flops!

Frozen Treats – Especially the home made ones!

Warm weather arts & crafts! Not to mention all the DIY projects that we’ve been waiting to do ;)

and don’t forget the seriously awesome amount of sunglasses to choose from!

What are you favorite things about warm weather?

Love Always,


Eye Shadow Tips and How-To’s

4 Apr

I have never been one for outrageous eyeshadow.  I go for the neutral colors, minimal liner, and occasional mascara (I HATE when the stuff smudges!)  However, I have recently become an owner of a large palate of eyeshadow colors.  I figure, it is time to learn out how to put them to good use.  I guess one of the reasons I have never experimented with my make-up is because I didn’t have the know-how, just got into a comfort zone where I had favorite colors (ahem: purple & brown shades) and repeated the same steps any time make-up was necessary.  I have very sensitive and blemish prone skin, so I really avoid foundation when possible, and so I usually overlook the effects that a little bit of make-up can have on my overall look.  I suppose it is time to explore some eyeshadow tactics!

First, let’s start off with some beginning tips:

1. USE PRIMER!  This is not as necessary unless you are trying to get some bold colors to hold onto the lid, but in general, using it will make your shadow stand out and last longer.  I actually found a recipe for some easy, inexpensive, homemade  primer using your own foundation.  This is great because if you are using foundation, then the primer is going to blend with it and keep your lids from looking unnaturally light or dark when beginning to apply color.  The only two ingredients are your foundation and some avocado body butter at a 1:4 ratio. Click the pic for a link to a more in-depth tutorial!

2.  Don’t underestimate brushes!  They all do something different, and with each one you use, you are adding a new effect.  Eyeshadow is more like painting than I had originally thought!  There are brushes for smudging, shading contouring, the works.  Learning how to use them correctly can make a huge impact on how sophisticated your eye shadow look appears.  Here is a short, simple list of the brushes that are out there for your use.

I suggest buying the brushes you want to use, and actually investing in a good one!  I have bought some brushes in my life for using stage make-up for my dance recitals.  Buying the cheapest thing usually lands you with loose brush-hairs in your face and eyes!  Take my word for it: it is not ignorable and completely annoying to deal with this.

3.  Use concealer for puffy eyes or under-eye darkness.  I have had so many friends complain, after finishing all of their make-up, that they still had dark under eye circles.  Right before you walk out of the door, this is a difficult thing to correct quickly.  If you are having one of those days, take the extra minute to focus on the under-eye so you will be completely satisfied with your eye make-up.  I have never really used concealer, but have definitely felt that dark-under-eye-gloom and decided to see if there is a method specifically for dark under eyes.  Well, I found one!  I really love this blog (click the pic to link to the site) and will definitely be using it for some more make-up advice in the future.

4.  Learn about your eye shape.  There is no denying that each of us has a different eye shape and so different things are going to work better for each person.  It is good to get an idea about your eye shape and learn which looks are going to best complement your eyes, open them up, and accentuate their specific qualities.  I found some sites with great explanations!  This was really great for me, because I have slightly-hooded eyes (I found out!) and I always wondered why I couldn’t make my eyeshadow and eyeliner look like the models.  Well, I guess it is for the same reason clothes don’t fit me like they fit on models!  I have a naturally different shape to work with.  But I can still work it!

Here are some eyeshadow tips.  Sorry the print is so small!

And here are some eyeliner tips!

5.  Learn about the different contours of the eye and get a general idea about where each layer or color of shadow will have the greatest effect.  Here is a very clear diagram.  Now I’m sure there are variations and feel free to explore: make-up is art and it has no real parameters.  But this is something that can help you start out  with some basic shadow combinations.

6.  Learn which colors accentuate your eye color!

This site has some quick tips for matching eyeshadow with eye color: 

If in doubt, look at a color wheel!  The color directly opposite of your eye color should bring out your eye color because they will be contrasting colors.  Of course, there are other things to consider, such as skin tone and hair color and possibly the colors in your outfit.

7. Learn how to BLEND your shadows.  It seems easy, but sometimes it takes some time and a little technique.  I found this site with some great beauty tips and a picture tutorial for how to blend!  Click on the pic to get to the site!

Also, here is a video that goes into blending a little more.

Okay, now I am done with the tips so lets get to some of the different eyeshadow tutorials to try out at home!

I can’t wait to dip into my colors!

Glitter & Glam

So I am going to start us off with a look at something VERY outrageous :)  This colorful-glitter eye is great for a club night out when you want to look funky and fun, but very girly.  Grab your favorite color and go glam!

Smoky Liner

Here is a great way to use your eye lining as the main focus of your look!  Great for something dramatic without a lot of color! Wear your red dress out tonight! ;)

The Movie Star

Here is another more bold and smoky night look!  This is red carpet intense, but quite beautiful!  You won’t need a bold lip color with this, your eyes will have all of the attention!

Cool & Collected

I fell in love with this tutorial!  I am always a fan of a gold or bronze on the top lid (the neutral-color-lover in me) but I love how just a little splash of color on the bottom lid makes the look completely different – the eyes are accentuated and the look has become fun with a bit of personality.  To me, this look just says: BEACH GIRL!  Use your favorite color (or one that will bring out your eye color) and get cute!

Everyday Natural

This is much more my usual style: neutral, safe, casual.  This is great for accenting your eyes’ natural beauty and I just love it for everyday.  A soft brown or a light, neutral pink is a great little bit of color that is not so noticeable and makes your make-up look effortless :)

Smoky & Colorful

Because my eyes are a hazel with some green, brown, and grey, I often go for purple when I do occasionally decide to go all out with the color.  This is a playful, bright look good for going out, or for lunch with the ladies!

The Bronze & The Beautiful

I love this bronzy, coppery look!  It mixes my love for the neutral with a little bit of glitz and boldness!  You can change this up with a different palette of colors, but this is the one I would go with!  Love it.

Green Goddess

This is a beautiful eye!  I love the smoky green look with the copper lower lashline that looks sleek and adventuresome.  I love that the colors aren’t neutral, but they come from nature!  A perfect look for a classy St. Patty’s, as well!  Too bad I am late with this selection.  But next year we will all look smokin’!

If you don’t feel like making your eyes the center of attention, it is a good idea to amp up your lip wear!  This is a great tutorial for making lips that look plump and bright! I love the idea of the shimmer in the center of the lip for some oomph.

So this is the end of my beauty post!  I wish I could keep going, but life is calling me and I would like to free up some time for trying out some of these tutorials!

Bat those eyes, Ladies!


Spring Into Fashion!

19 Mar

Spring Into Fashion!

Okay, so the weather is changing, there is Spring cleaning going on, and you are trying to figure out what to put away until next year.  I’m going to give everyone a little boost of inspiration for your Springtime wardrobe with some interesting and breezy outfits I found.

Patterns & Prints

A great way to get excited about Spring is to put a little pep in your step with some interesting patterns that draw the eye!

I love these polka-dot pants!  If you love the girly look, these are a great find!  You can find patterned pants at the mall this time of year.  Find a solid color top for a bold look.

I have always been a fan of stripes, regardless of vertical or horizontal.  With a pair of chic, solid shorts, you can look professional even in a casual stripe.

Feel free to experiment with an open back for a little glimpse of Springtime skin ;)

A floral pattern is a classic look for Spring!  Never shy away from some rose buds or daisies!

The White Pant

Wearing a white pant can take some of your winter blouses and lighten them up for the springtime.  Using a solid white pant accentuates an interesting pattern or bright color and looks very sleek.  Just make sure you throw in a little bleach in the wash with them occasionally to keep them looking fresh and new!

Green is one of my favorite colors to wear and also a great color to wear in spring as all the plants are getting their greenery back!

Wearing a white pant can also create a color-blocking effect, to accentuate a bright color even if you aren’t wearing a pattern, and can also help your springtime accessories stand out.

If you aren’t a fan of the white pant, you can always switch it up with a colored pant!  I love this casual, yet colorful outfit.


Blazers are great because they are light weight, look professional, and can keep you warm in the spring breeze.  They are all over the place and thanks to H&M and Forever21, black and grey are not the only colors available and the prices are affordable.

I love the idea of taking a white jean and dressing it up with a BLAZER! A beautiful pink with a nice mint flat make this a comfy, casual, and put-together look.

It is also easy to pair a blazer with a dress, if you are going on an afternoon date, or want to get a bit girly!

I love this neutral spring time look that pairs a beige blazer with a pair of patterned shorts!  Super chic.

Skirts & Dresses

Don’t pack up your sweater dresses just yet!  You can pair your winter wear with a strappy sandal or heel to make this a warm-weather fit.  What you once wore with hose or leggings and boots can now be fun for Spring!

I love this refreshing chevron pattern!  This dress is light and airy, but definitely a bold eye-catcher.

Another great outfit, with pattern, color, and interesting ideas for accessories!

I have always been a big fan of long, flowing skirts in the spring, but I had never seen one with these multi-pleats!   Even if you like darker colors (like me!) you can look like a Spring goddess.

If you don’t like dark colors, find something bright and colorful and spread the joy!

Slip into a short skirt if you want!  It is Spring and the weather is fine :)

That is it for my Spring fashion suggestions!  I hope everyone is getting ready for some warm weather and feel inspired to dress for yourself everyday this Spring!

Happy Spring :)


Artistic Inspiration

So I know we are supposed to be sharing our lives with all you lovely readers, so I thought I might share some artists and creations that inspire me in my life, wether I’m crafting, painting, or just looking for an interesting read.  I hope maybe a few of you will be inspired by these works as well!

One of the greatest influences I have had over some years is Australian sculptor, Sam Jinks.  He style is considered hyperrealistic  he mainly uses silicon and sculpts the human figure in great detail.

This sculpture is called “woman and child” and is made with silicone, silk, and human hair.  Really makes you think about the circle of life!  I will never get over how realistic all of his pieces are.  Just click the picture and you will be sent straight to his official website for a complete look at his current works.  Remember, his sculptures are hyperrealistic, and some have nudity, so maybe cover the kids’ eyes for a moment!

This sculpture is named “Shade” and was made with silicone, calcium carbonate and human hair in 2012.  He did not use silk in this creation, meaning he carved all of the ridges in the woman’s cloak with absolute perfection!

I also enjoy reading books and discovering interesting writers.  I was browsing around on google one day, and came across the writings of a wonderful, young poet floating around the internet.  It is definitely dramatic and emotional, with a touch of the bittersweet, but I am always captivated by the emotions another’s writing can illicit with a personal story and clever word choice.

I wrote a poem for you
The day before I met you

When I didn’t yet know a soul can be shipwrecked
Or that the sun can have secrets
When I hadn’t yet learned to look for symptoms
Or dreamed you could become my weakness

You entered me like a sickness
From your first ‘hello’
You whispered my world red
And smiled it yellow

You came to me; a sonnet
A decorated soldier
Dressed in sentences and statements
With which to catch a schoolgirl
In succulent surprise

Your eyes kissed me
Long before your lips did
And under the spectrum of your splendor
My heart bloomed a blushing orchid

I was a slave to my sweet-tooth
You, a dulcit daydream
That knew just how to turn me
From still life into story
And in so doing, you cast me -
A shapeless statue -
Into your private purgatory

You created a planet
With just us living on it
And a snakepit, a sinkhole
With which to swallow me whole

I wrote this poem for you
The day after I met you
I thought it worth to mention
Why I started to regret you

So please pay close attention
(As I’m trying to forget you):

My innocence
Though far from inner sense
Was no less common
Than the unoriginality
Of your sugarcoated sin

You can check out some more of her writing at  or click the link attached to the title.  She also writes short stories so take a look!

Another medium inspiring artistic creation has caught by eye, and it includes two of my favorite things: books and art.  The subject is book carving!  New artists have found fantastic ways to take an old book and (tediously) create a masterpiece.  I always thought that to destroy a book would be a waste, but these artists have drastically changed my perspective.

Alex Queral

This is a creation by Alex Queral, born in 1958 in Havana, Cuba.  He recycles old phone books and carves very realistic reliefs using an artist scalpel.  Hello, Clint Eastwood!  He has also done likenesses of Albert Einstein, Frank Sinatra, the Dalai Lama, and President Obama.  All have very detailed facial expressions that made you double take and wonder if you are seeing the real person.  Once again, click the pic for a look at his very large portfolio.

 Guy Laramee

Guy Laramee, of Montreal,  is famous for his breathtaking portrayals of landscapes, mountainsides, and man made structures using vintage books.  The details of the sides of the mountains are just so realistic (yet tiny!) it reminds me of photographs I took at the Grand Canyon and Sedona in Arizona.  It takes me back to the red clay, layers of sediment, and cliff dwellers homes in the red rock valleys.

Brian Dettmer

Both of these are photos of the works of Brian Dettmer, of Chicago.  He uses old dictionaries, text books, and illustrated stories to sculpt into the contents of the book.  You see the story in the story, the animals in the zoology book, and the random creatures and finds in an encylopedia.  His works are fantastic and blow my mind!  Carved one page at a time using a razor blade, I have a true appreciation for the spectacular outcome.  Once again, just click the pic to learn more!

Okay readers!  That is it for today, but I hope to be sharing some more of my artist explorations with you in the future.  I ensure you I have endless amounts of material from my Macbook meanderings and hope you will share some of your favorite artists as, well.

Okay, one funny pic referencing Lichtenstein :)

I’m in love with this halloween costume!  But I’m also not sure if I would want to wash all those dots off!

Have a lovely day!


Perfect playground shoes, for the stylish Mom!

18 Feb

Hey Everyone!! Today we have a special Guest Blogger here showing off an awesome DIY craft! If you love this post from Dee, you can find other posts by her on her blog at

I love TOMS, but when you spend your day playing in sandboxes and muddy playgrounds it can be hard to keep them clean. So thankfully there’s a solution….DIY TOMS!!


You need:

-replica TOMS (I bought mine from Five Below for $5 )
- hot glue gun
-fabric Paint

First, you need to measure and cut the ribbon. You are just covering the heel portion of the shoe, so you do not need much.
Did you know, that in order to prevent your ribbon from fraying, you can burn the end of it with a lighter? You only need to do it for a second. You DON’T want the ribbon to catch the flame, just heat it enough to singe the ends.

Time to glue! Make sure your ribbon is lined up to the seam. Then start gluing. I recommend only doing small areas at a time, you don’t want the glue to cool to quickly and get bumpy.

Yay, we are almost done! Are you ready to paint?

I made little hearts to play off of the red in the trim (plus, it’s probably the simplest design to make).
Before you start, you should think about the heart placement, it’s easier to add then it is to subtract. Since you want it to look like an all over print try to keep everything as consistent as possible, and remember keep the hearts small!

Keep Painting, your almost done!!

Take a step back and admire your work, you’re done!
Now, go find a place to put them so that they can dry, and then start planning your outfit for tomorrow… these are way to cute to be left home!

Pretty simple right?! Plus, they’re so cute no one will care that they are fake!

Now, it’s time for you to submit a pic of your DIY TOMS! Make sure to stop by my page at and show me your SHOES! Or, to see what else I am up to!

xo, Dee,

Thank you so much Dee for sharing this with us! If you would like to guest post for A Charming Twist – feel free to let us know here!

♥ Pinterest Ideas for the Perfect Valentines Day ♥

14 Feb

The Perfect Valentine’s Day

Everyone knows the only way to have the perfect Valentines Day is to have the perfect man (or girl friends)!

But here are some ideas to make your night more romantic, fun, and flirty.

V-Day Fashions

This is great for a night out in the city!  Going out to a movie or concert, this is great for a rock & roll V-Day!

This is a little more traditional, with a little bit of the clean-cut 50′s vibe.  Perfect for a super romantic, traditional date out at a nice restaurant.

This outfit is a bit more my style.  Casual and sweet, with a little bit of bling and a jacket with heals for some sophistication.

This is perfect for anything from dinner and a movie to a romantic night at home in front of the fire with the man!

I love this color of champagne pink, and it is sure to make his heart melt.  Just a reminder that if you want to stay within the typical valentine’s day color palette, you still have LOTS of color options.

And here are some couture pieces to spark your v-day fashion imagination!  Couldn’t Resist ;)

Flirty Hairstyles

I love going half-up/half-down for a date!

Just click on the pic for a youtube tutorial!

This is a great way to look like you have an up-do even if your hair is very short.

 A good french twist is wonderful for any occasion.

This is another, more casual up-do for you ladies with a shorter style.  I suggest adding some flower or heart pins for a little more decoration!

This is a flirty, casual style for your V-day date!  I’m a huge fan of the sideways pony, and this takes it up a notch!

Another lovely, yet simple hairstyle for short or long hair.  Just some messy curls can make a woman look both sexy and ready for an adventure at the same time.



More natural pinks can make your make-up job look effortless!

Bold & Beautiful

I am always a fan of the classic red lipstick and bold eyeliner!  I think sporting this look is a great way to really feel like a powerful and beautiful woman on valentines day!

Pretty in Pink

Here is a video to make you feel like a sweet candy heart!  The pink isn’t too much to scare off your man, but just enough color for some femininity. Just click on the pic for a youtube tutorial

Smokin’ V-day Eyes

The smokey eye is a great tool to use for a smoldering, sexy night on the town!

Love Your Lips!

I love this glittery idea!  The great thing is, you can use any color you want :)

Romantic Refreshments

Ravioli Love

This is a lovely artichoke, mushroom, and pine nut ravioli!  The presentation is too romantic to pass by <3.

Salad Love

Not up for the task of homemade pasta? This is a great way to take a simple salad and turn it into a Valentine’s Day dish!

Just use a heart cookie-cutter when chopping your salad veggies for some romantic romaine on the table.

Sweet Hearts

These are some cute little tarts made from strawberries, sugar, cream cheese, and pie dough!

I thought of waling up to a table with these arranged on a plate with rose petals and whole strawberries all around.  Just dreamy!

St. Valentine’s Cocktail

This beautiful drink will make for a fun night!

It is made with vodka, strawberries, celery leaf,  and splash of lime juice.  Simple, easy, completely romantic <3

That is it for my Valentines Day Pinterest ideas!  Now go get lovey with your man and have a wonderfully romantic evening!

Roses and Kisses,


What’s New?

13 Feb

All this talk about fashion lately has really gotten me excited :D Between the post about Swirl and the Pinterest Layers – I have been trying to find a few new things for my closet!


This was an awesome find! If you know me at all I am a BARGAIN shopper! I love finding a great deal and this was exactly that. I found this baby at Kohl’s for $8.00 on the sales rack and I couldn’t let it go!



This is a perfect top for layers since it is see through being lace – I can wear a pop of color underneath and a fun jacket on top! I’m excited to try this outfit out this week – I’ll be sure to post pictures of the outfit all together when it happens :)




This skirt from Abercrombie & Fitch originally $30.00 and thanks to swirl having a coupon/discount section in their app – I got this beauty for $16.00!!!!


As you can probably tell because of the pictures – I’ve worn this baby out already ;) I put a pair of leggings underneath and a cute top but this skirt was my main showpiece! I loooooove the little bow in front <3

New clothes is like new music to me. It gets me excited, happy, and perks me up every time I see it (or hear it if we are talking about music). 

Anyone else a bargain shopper? Where do you get your best deals?


Love Always,




Easy Nail Art

12 Feb

Easy Nail Art 

Running around all day I rarely get the time to give myself a proper manicure.  But when I do, I like to go all out and turn it into an art project!  Unfortunately, this is not always possible since I don’t have professional tools or nail tapes.  I did some research to find some nail art tutorials and tips that are easily done at home, but look like professional designs!  I am definitely going to be trying some of these designs out this week :)

Click on Each picture to find the original page and/or full tutorial!

Heart Warming

It was only appropriate, since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, that I feature a design for a romantic date night!  Just grab some notebook paper reinforcements and shape them like the top of a heart!

Polka Pins

When I found this simple way to make a dotting tool I literally jumped with excitement!  I love polka dots but I have never mastered them with a paint brush and even failed using q-tips.  I never wanted to go out and buy a tool because I knew one day I’d find an interesting way to make my perfect polka dots!  Well this is that day.  You just take an old pencil, and push a pin into it.  Dip the end of the pin into your nail color of choice and apply to the nail for tiny, cute, PERFECT, polka dots!

Self-Made Stickers

One way to get some nail designs without buying stickers or professional colored tapes is to make your own using none other than your normal scotch tape.  Just pant a design or a strip of color to cut out some simple geometric shapes and lines and create your own nail art! Simple, genius and I have all of the tools right here at home.  This is number 6 in the list of nail designs on the site!

Fantastic Filigree

Here is another scotch tape creation!  Just use a pair of crafting scissors with an interesting cut design and cut the tape.  Paint your nails a base color, let dry, place your fancy tape on the nail, and paint your top color.  So simple, so quick!

Several Scotch Tape Designs

I loved this tutorial with different easy ways to apply scotch tape to create different patterns.  I guess it is obvious I have now become obsessed with my tape :)

Star Burst

Yet another scotch tape design, but I couldn’t help but share this gorgeous find.  Just use this star burst on one finger to make your manicure look super professional!

Masking Tape Manicure

This tutorial is in French, and the picture is a bit too small, but click on the link for a better view.  You will just need to find some decorated masking tape from your local craft store (or paint your own!), some scissors, and top coat.  Cut the masking tape to fit around your cuticle, place, and cut to match the length of each nail.  Throw on a top coat and voilà! Simple and easy to remove if you aren’t a big fan of corrosive nail polish removers.

I hope you enjoyed these nail art finds!

Happy Manicure Night!


Frame & Lace Earring Display

5 Feb

Frame & Lace Earring Display

This is a great way to display your jewelry!  I found most of my items at the Habitat for Humanity Home Store and this project cost me about $5!

You will need:

1 frame

1 can of spray paint (if necessary)

1 small roll of lace ribbon

1 hot glue gun


Take your picture frame and spray paint it whatever color you like!  In order to do this with my  found frames, I had to remove pictures and glass, but I was lucky to find frames with hangers already in place.

Take your lace and stretch it across the back of your empty picture frame, using a hot glue gun.

This is the end result!

Very easy, inexpensive, and gorgeous!

Take care fashion lovers,


Want an all in one fun shopping experience? Tired of looking at boring things to buy? Looking for something different? You better be looking at !

I found this website the other day and laughed harder than I have in a long time! The things you will find on this site are original, hilarious, fun, and seriously exciting! From now on when I’m shopping for something and can’t think of anything to get – this is going to be my go to site!!

This site is constantly refreshing with new things so you won’t be looking at the same thing over and over again – unless you want to that is ;)

They have an entire page dedicated to sales – for those of you who are like me and LOVE getting deals – this is the place for you!!

Interested to see what your friends and others are purchasing and loving? They have a news feed for that too! has seriously taken the pain out of shopping for me. This website will blow your mind and just might blow your wallet too ;)

What are your favorite online website to shop on? This one and Etsy are mine!

Love Always,


*These pictures are from


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