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Perfect playground shoes, for the stylish Mom!

18 Feb

Hey Everyone!! Today we have a special Guest Blogger here showing off an awesome DIY craft! If you love this post from Dee, you can find other posts by her on her blog at

I love TOMS, but when you spend your day playing in sandboxes and muddy playgrounds it can be hard to keep them clean. So thankfully there’s a solution….DIY TOMS!!


You need:

-replica TOMS (I bought mine from Five Below for $5 )
- hot glue gun
-fabric Paint

First, you need to measure and cut the ribbon. You are just covering the heel portion of the shoe, so you do not need much.
Did you know, that in order to prevent your ribbon from fraying, you can burn the end of it with a lighter? You only need to do it for a second. You DON’T want the ribbon to catch the flame, just heat it enough to singe the ends.

Time to glue! Make sure your ribbon is lined up to the seam. Then start gluing. I recommend only doing small areas at a time, you don’t want the glue to cool to quickly and get bumpy.

Yay, we are almost done! Are you ready to paint?

I made little hearts to play off of the red in the trim (plus, it’s probably the simplest design to make).
Before you start, you should think about the heart placement, it’s easier to add then it is to subtract. Since you want it to look like an all over print try to keep everything as consistent as possible, and remember keep the hearts small!

Keep Painting, your almost done!!

Take a step back and admire your work, you’re done!
Now, go find a place to put them so that they can dry, and then start planning your outfit for tomorrow… these are way to cute to be left home!

Pretty simple right?! Plus, they’re so cute no one will care that they are fake!

Now, it’s time for you to submit a pic of your DIY TOMS! Make sure to stop by my page at and show me your SHOES! Or, to see what else I am up to!

xo, Dee,

Thank you so much Dee for sharing this with us! If you would like to guest post for A Charming Twist – feel free to let us know here!


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