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Pack Pack Pack it up!

10 Apr

This girl is packing up!

But don’t worry we’ll still be here posting ;) I just wanted to share the good news with you! We bought a house! We are moving at the end of this month so things you have to look forward to coming May – new home updates, new home projects, home decor projects, shopping trips, budgeting, and probably a ton of ridiculous photo’s of me trying to do more than I can handle ;)

Although you might be a little disappointed because all of this:

Will now be packed up in boxes – which makes doing DIY projects a little hard. So until then I’ll be  keeping you posted with things that I can do while I’m in the middle of boxes ;) I’ll be focusing on organizing, spring cleaning, and time management – because we all know I’ll need all of those things in order to get through this move! Haha!

And because I’m just so darn excited about it – check out the new place:

I am so excited I can hardly contain myself! Here are a few projects Brian and I have already decided on doing when we move in:

~ Painting painting painting!

~ Crown molding

~ Buying some new furniture!!

~ Setting up my new craft room & light room for pictures

~ Staining the cabinets (if Brian lets me)

~ Painting my desk

~ A little yard work

What are you excited about seeing?

I’m also excited about the thrift & consignment stores this place has! I’ll be taking pictures so you can check it out with me but I have a feeling just stepping foot in those stores is going to make my project list triple! Luckily this house is really move in ready. There isn’t much to fix but cosmetic things so what you’ll be seeing are finishing touches to make it our own but knowing how I am – I can easily find projects to do ;)

I think I’m especially going to go project crazy since all of my things are going to be in boxes for the next three weeks! Is it just me or is it impossible to not be crafty for that long!? I don’t know what I’m going to do but I have a feeling my pinterest board is going to fill up quickly!


Do you have any packing tips to share with me? I’d love to hear them!

Love Always,


Pinteresting Organizing Ideas!

8 Feb

Check out some fun ways to organize everyday things I found on Pinterest!

Using a bowl at the bottom of a side table or nightstand is a great way to hide the mess but keep everything you want in reaching distance!

I love these plastic containers to hold miscellaneous things inside a drawer! It keeps everything from getting jumbles on the shelves!

A gorgeous way to hang an ironing board – I never knew there was such a thing ;)

For someone like me who goes through hair ties like no ones business I am excited to do this with mine so I have a greater chance of not losing them!!

This is one my favorites – eye screws at home depot are CHEAP – screw them into a wooden hanger and hang your earrings, necklaces, anything you’d like!

To check out some of our other pins you can follow us here:

Do you have interesting ways to organize your things? Let us know in the comments section below!

Love Always,


Frame & Lace Earring Display

This is a great way to display your jewelry!  I found most of my items at the Habitat for Humanity Home Store and this project cost me about $5!

You will need:

1 frame

1 can of spray paint (if necessary)

1 small roll of lace ribbon

1 hot glue gun


Take your picture frame and spray paint it whatever color you like!  In order to do this with my  found frames, I had to remove pictures and glass, but I was lucky to find frames with hangers already in place.

Take your lace and stretch it across the back of your empty picture frame, using a hot glue gun.

This is the end result!

Very easy, inexpensive, and gorgeous!

Take care fashion lovers,


Getting organized just got that much easier!

I’m a stickler for writing things down on notebook paper. There’s something about being able to cross it off that just gives me pure satisfaction but remember to take my notebook of lists with me is something I ALWAYS forget to do. Going digital has been a serious struggle for me. I’ve tried many times but don’t seem to be able to break my pen and paper habit.

I’ve finally found a way to do both! AwesomeNote is an amazing app that can create calendars, lists, notes, and clip things from the web to remember for later.

I haven’t given up my pen and paper completely but this app really helps me when I need to take something with me! I used it for my grocery run this past weekend and it proved to be amazing! For our family, I like to shop every two weeks, which means I have a list of two weeks worth of groceries to buy, which means my list is gigantically long!! Before each trip I take out my list and make a new list of what I need.

AwesomeNote made this process SOOO much easier. I typed in my two weeks worth of groceries list, checked off all the things I didn’t need to buy, then as I went through the grocery store I checked off as I got things. When I got home I went through and unchecked all the items so my list is ready for next week. Saving paper, saving time not re-writing my list, and it’s easy and handheld so my daughter doesn’t want to steal it (she likes to draw on my grocery list). This makes for one happy momma!

I am a gmail fanatic, I like to link up my calendars with my friends and put important dates to remember on there and thanks to AwesomeNote it syncs up to my gmail account and all my dates are now saved in my calendar along with all my other calendar updates like doctor appointments and etc.!

One thing I use more than I thought I would on AwesomeNote is clipping webpages and photo’s. While I’m out and waiting for an appointment I’ll use that time to do some research – find great websites to show off to you all and pins I might want to try for later. I can clip that and put it in my calendar or idea list so I can remember it.

Having all of my lists, calendars, and notes all in one area is great and for those of you who are forgetful like me and leave my phone behind – if you can hop onto a computer you can access all your notes from your gmail account!

For the days that I know I’m staying at home and I want to write out a list of chores still can go the paper and pen method by using my App as a guideline so I don’t forget anything. It’s become a happy medium for me.

My life just got a whole lot easier!

What do you use to stay organized?

Love Always,


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Pinteresting Organization Ideas

So do you ever have that day when you feel like all of your things are in the wrong place?


I have seen some pinteresting solutions to this problem.

Craft supplies, bathroom items, and jewelry should always have an important place to live!

And so, I propose that all of my readers employ all of these interesting organization ideas.

1. The Towel Rack

Everyone has at one point looked for a classy way to easily store their towels.  Here is the solution!

Find a bin (wicker, plastic, or otherwise) and screw it to your wall.

This is a way to store towels without even fully folding them! Fold in half and then roll them

They will fit into this easy organization system that makes you bathroom feel like a 4 star hotel!

We all want more book storage! Or at least a place to display family photos.

Go to a wine surplus store and ask for wine crates.  You can find these for FREE!

Turn them sideways and screw them together for a display shelf.

This could work as anything from a decor display to a closet storage system.

This shelving unit is as close to classy and carefree as it gets.

But style is still a prominent factor with its presence.

One way to store craft supplies is to buy mason jars or to find them in a general store

and to attach them to a piece of molding from a home store or from someone flipping a house on

All of these materials can be found for FREE on the internet in your area.

House flipping is a regular thing, and the molding from an old house could be the perfect thing to create an organizing

area for your bathroom soaps and toothbrushes, to your art supplies!

Such an amazing idea to make your life a little bit more simple.

This is one of my more lofty ideas.

Buy (or take for free) a window from a home, foreclosed or otherwise.

Recently, homeowners have been removing original windows and replacing them with more energy efficient double paned windows.

You can find these on craigslist for free in your area or find them for a minimal price in thrift stores.

Take a table and make a 3d frame. Then buy a latticed window and hinge it to one side

of your framed table.

This creates a framed coffee table that you can place books and movies in for storage

or decorate for each time of year.

This is a great customizable piece that is also functional all times of year.

If you would like to take you bathroom storage to another level, use mason jars or several pre-made bathroom storage pieces

and spray paint candlesticks to match.  They are even sold in the dollar store!

use glass to metal glue and you have super-classy bathroom storage

for your cue-tips, cotton balls, or make-up remover pads.  You can even use these to store toothbrushes,

or you could use two for his and her elegant water cups for the nighttime routine!

My last pinterest post is an interesting way to store your jewelry.

I love my jewely and have always looked for creative ways to create my own jewelry displays

while organizing all my lovely and shiny things.

Take a frame or broken mirror and apply a string of lace from the local craft store.

You can spray paint the frame to match your room or powder room

and stretch a length of lace for the perfect place to store earrings!

It looks both elegant and creative and can add character to any boudoir.

Thank you for considering all of these organization ideas and I hope that each

of them adds a charming twist to your life.

Thank you readers!

Be creative and do what you love!

Make your home an extension of yourself,



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