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A Little Something for your Shower

via Houzz

I love a fun shower curtain. It may just be me but I try to find any way possible to wake up with a smile on my face. Walking into a bathroom every morning with a fun shower curtain would definitely start my morning off right!

Here are some more fun ideas:

@KateSpade shower curtain. A fun unexpected gift!

via KateSpade @ BedBathandBeyond

ruffle shower curtain

via UrbanOutfitters

via Houzz

Would you rather something a little more personal? You can get CUSTOMIZED shower curtains on esty:

via PolkaDotsNWhatnots on Etsy (click the picture to see the shop and use the coupon code TENOFF for 10% )


Filing Storage Units

I’ve been organizing my files since it’s almost the end of the year – I like to have everything ready before tax season and to clean out the old files to make room for the new! I decided to do a little research for some new ideas on storing my files:

via BHG

Having a wall dedicated to incoming and outgoing files would be nice!

via HomeDesign by Martha Stewart

A trunk for files! I love the idea of having a small space to put pencils and other items with the filling as well as a cork board – I may just have to turn Emma’s old toy bin into something awesome!

via BHG


Right now my desk wall is empty and I can imagine these working well for me since I do a majority of my work at my desk.

via TheDormyHouse

This is a good trunk option if you don’t have a ton of files for the huge one! I also like that it can double as a seat :)

via OldSoulWoodworks via Etsy (click the picture to see the shop!)

I can see these hung up on a storage wall. I’d probably get three or four and I love that they are slotted so you can see what’s in them so you don’t lose anything!


Bookends That Will Make You Smile :)

Both my and my just recently put libraries in their homes and great gift ideas have been popping into my head. Here are a few I found that I love!

via Pinterest

via makingitlovely

via DesignAtelierArticle (on Etsy! click the picture to see the shop!)

via graphicspaceswood (on Etsy! click the picture to see the shop!)

via laylagrace

I never knew there were so many cute ideas!


Pull Up A Stool!

I love multi-functional items and I feel like Stools are just that! You can sit on them, stand on them, put your feet on them, or use them as a side table and throw all your junk on them. Occasionally they even have room for you to store your stuff IN THEM!

Here are a few fun stools I found:

via Wisteria

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

via 101woonideeen

via ballarddesigns

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall!

Rustic has been one of the biggest trends for weddings this year and getting a rustic mirror photo is usually top on the list. Not only is it great for pictures, but being able to keep the mirror itself for a lifetime sounds like a pretty sweet idea!

Here are some awesome Rustic mirrors I found for you to drool over ;)

via Pinterest

Floor mirrors are one of my FAVORITES! Having a little one in the house isn’t so great for that unless you have it secured to the wall somehow. I think I’d panic Emma would knock it down on herself!

via KennethDante (Etsy) – click the picture to see the shop!

The one above would fit PERFECTLY with my home decor. Brian and I love dark wood and have a lot of dark wood in the house. This gives it a feel of dark wood but I love the mixture if lighter wood in there!

via Mazgear (Etsy) – click the picture to see the shop!

The rustic look with the cleanliness of the white frame around it? I think that’s a perfect mix of both worlds!

via Pinterest

I think I might have a weakness for something blue ;) this mirror screams GORGEOUS! Can I have one please!?






Adding a little spice to my eyes!

Being a work from home mom, I don’t tend to dress up or really do my makeup much but when I do I tend to stay in the neutral zone. I don’t know if it’s because of fear of looking like a clown or because I don’t do it often enough to really know what I’m doing but I’ve decided to branch out.

Here are a few ideas I found on Pinterest to add a little color and pop into my life:

Eye shadows

Eye shadow

White and Pink Eye Shadow Makeup Tutorial

Eye shadow tips

As you can see I’m not straying TOO far away from neutrals since I think a huge change would be too much for me but I am excited to give these a try!

Which one is your favorite?

Making Lemon Leaves from Lemon Seeds

Hey everyone! I saw this cool tutorial on Pinterest and thought I’d give it a shot. Today I am going to show you how I took Lemon seeds and made it into Lemon leaves!

Maybe I'll try growing these in the Spring...Instructions : 1-remove outer shell of lemon seed. 2-remove inner protective layer of lemon seed 3-sprout seeds (I like to put them in a damp paper towel, sealed in a zip lock bag,and left in a warm area) 4-once sprouted, plant and enjoy.

I got out my lemons and started chopping them up to find the seeds!

Now you know me – the instructions said to boil and peel of a layer and blah blah blah – I’m lazy and thought, maybe just maybe if I just plant them it’ll work ;)

So I pulled them out and planted those suckers!

I spaced them out just so and covered them with more soil.

Water and wait!!


It didn’t take long for little sprouts to show up! So if you are wanting to do a quick project with kids to explain how seeds grow into plants – lemon seeds are great!

This is two weeks into it and they are growing like weeds!! I water them a little every few days and each day we wake up, Emma screams that they are growing and growing so big!!

For not being able to keep many plants alive – I am one proud Mommy I could teach Emma how to grow something! <3

DIY Paper Chandelier

While making decorations for Emma’s birthday I decided to a chandelier instead of centerpiece and I am SO happy with how it came out I wanted to share how I made it with all of you.
First I needed to figure out how I was going to make the frame. I took four rods and hot glued the ends together (in the long run it would have been smart to do a criss-cross in the center as well to stabilize it)

Then you’ll need paper and scissors! I folded the paper hot dog style twice to make four defined lines. Then I cut it into strips, glued the ends together and hot glued them to each other.Then when they are a lined up I glued them to the frames!

What do you think?


Zulily Goodies!

If you’ve never heard of Zulily, you like home decor, fashion accessories, clothes, kids items, and more – you are about to get your mind blown! This online store is making it hard for me to not become addicted to shopping online. With all the great deals I just want to snatch everything up!


Not sure how this works?


Zulily posts items from vendors (name brand stores as well as new never been heard of stores!) that are currently on sale with them. Once the date of the sale expires they ship out all the goodies to all those who purchased. You know how I get doubly excited when I buy something (first the excitement of purchasing it online – then the excitement when it shows up)? Yeah this is what happens.

They’ve got a great category list which makes it easy to search for things.


Or you can get specific with items and sizes! Better yet – just use the search bar at the top to find what you are looking for!


My favorite section is to peek at what’s coming up next! Do I think I’m going to get a better deal by seeing it first .. no – but then I won’t miss out on any deals since some of these deals sell out fast!


They even have a back to school section!! AHH I am in love with those smart planet boxes & tumblers. Brian could use some new goodies to take to work – not to mention the prices are AMAAAAZING!

If you haven’t already scooted your butt over there check out the link on our sidebar –>

This post is sponsorship with Zulily