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Bookends That Will Make You Smile :)

Both my and my just recently put libraries in their homes and great gift ideas have been popping into my head. Here are a few I found that I love!

via Pinterest

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via DesignAtelierArticle (on Etsy! click the picture to see the shop!)

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I never knew there were so many cute ideas!


DIY Paper Chandelier

While making decorations for Emma’s birthday I decided to a chandelier instead of centerpiece and I am SO happy with how it came out I wanted to share how I made it with all of you.
First I needed to figure out how I was going to make the frame. I took four rods and hot glued the ends together (in the long run it would have been smart to do a criss-cross in the center as well to stabilize it)

Then you’ll need paper and scissors! I folded the paper hot dog style twice to make four defined lines. Then I cut it into strips, glued the ends together and hot glued them to each other.IMG_4879
Then when they are a lined up I glued them to the frames!




What do you think?


I Brake for Yard Sales!

I just finished reading I Brake for Yard Sales by Lara Spencer and I couldn’t NOT share it with you all!! The title had me from Hello. One thing I absolutely love? Yard sale hopping, thrift stores, and flea markets are starting to be a new thing for me!

After opening the book it was an instant “home” feeling. I kept reading and found myself screaming, “She gets me!!”

071313 009



This book is great for figuring out what kind of style you like and where you are most likely going to find it! She gives great examples and ideas for figuring out what you want in your home.

071313 010

If you are unsure of where to start looking, she’s got that covered! She explains the best places to look for things as well as some great do’s and dont’s at each event. You’ll feel prepared and prepped before you even step out of the door!

071313 012


This is a great read for those who are interested in starting to decorate their home with yard sale, flea market, thrift shop, and auction finds at great prices!

Here is Barnes & Noble’s overview:

Good Morning America correspondent Lara Spencer is a self-confessed frugalista with a passion for shopping at yard sales, thrift shops, and estate sales, and for decorating her home and friends’ homes with her fabulous finds. In I Brake for Yard Sales, Lara shares her secrets for bargain hunting and tells you where to shop, what to look for, how to pay for it, how to restore it, and finally, where to put it in your house. Looking for the newest arrivals at your local thrift shops? After busy Saturdays and no-pick-up Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are generally the best days to shop for fresh items. Peppered with wisdom from world-renowned appraisers whom Lara knows from her previous work on Antiques Roadshow as well as contributions from well-known designers, this book also features the house of comedienne and good friend Kathy Griffin, which Spencer herself refurbished and decorated.



Library Sale!!

For those of you who don’t know – My Mom and Sister are avid book readers and book bloggers! They’ve passed on their love of books to as well but finding time for me to read is something not the easiest thing. They invited me along on the Library Sale Hunt – and it was fun!!

There were kids books

 Young Adult books


 Non – Fiction (DIY BOOKS!!)

 There were even some specialty books (MORE DIY)

 I came out with a few I am excited about! But the surprising part was I came out with more books for Brian than myself! Granted he has been reading more than me lately.. 

  Our bags of books :D You know it’s a good trip when the back of the car is packed!

It was nice to spend some quality time with my Mom & Sister :)

If you want to check out their blogs my Mom’s is and my sister’s is

Love Always,


Blacklisted from PTA

You read it right! Look what I’m reading next :D for all of you book fans out there waiting for my next book review since Mindy Kaling’s – I’m sure you’ll be excited to hear I am still reading funny things ;)

My sister gave me Blacklisted from PTA after she got a chance to read it and thought it would be the perfect book for me to read next. She knows that as a mom, I hardly get the chance to read so if she’s going to give me a books it’s one I am going to fall in love with or one that is easy to read. This one – is an easy to read one! It is written in short chapters so you can pick up and put down without feeling lost.

Here is Barnes & Nobles Overview:

Blacklisted by the PTA is an irreverent look at motherhood and the modern family. From the high chair to a vinyl restaurant booth on date night, Lela Davidson has captured life on the cul-de-sac with a husband, two kids, and the occasional pet. Whether failing at cloth diaper origami or smug in knowledge that her children have never consumed a PopTart, Lela assures parents they are not alone, and that it’s okay to laugh-at yourself, and at your kids. These are the stories of every parent–even if we don’t always tell them out loud. Each of these 62 essays can be read in under five minutes for a quick laugh-either with or at the author.

As a CPA on the mommy track, all Lela wanted to do was sit on the driveway and drink wine out of a box with the neighbors. Luckily, she started writing down her stories instead. Whether tackling PTA meetings, neighborhood politics, or inflation-by-Tooth Fairy, Lela exposes the humor in every awkward moment and maternal meltdown. From a trendy Seattle condo, to a tidy Arkansas subdivision, Lela shares the comic side of family life. She takes you to Mexican bars, the hockey rinks of St. Louis, ski slopes near Santa Fe, shopping in Dallas, and even introduces you to a few strippers–the novices on the playgrounds of New York City, and the pros in Vegas. Lela says what the rest of us are thinking. Her hilarious observations and subtle satire are always spot on. She’s not afraid to reveal her screw-ups, along with fleeting delusional moments of wherein she honestly believes she is the best mom ever.

Want to get to know Lela Davidson? Check out her website here:

I am so excited to be reading this next – I could use a few more laughs in my daily life ;)

What are you reading?

Love Always,


Challenge Update: Placing This Mat!

So as most of you know I started a new challenge to make myself crochet something new as much as I can!! I decided to start off with the placemat:

This woven type placemat really intrigued me because with the basic placemat you can really jazz it up with custom colors and designs. This picture is a great fall & thanksgiving like feel but I am also picturing spring colors and maybe even some custom designs!

photo (47)

I started out with the foundation and took my time reading the pattern. I’m one of those girls who has a hard time following patterns – I like to make up my own as I go along and change things but I promised myself  I’d stick to it this time so I could see how it turned out in the long run!

photo (46)

It didn’t take long and it really started looking exactly like the pictures in the book which just boosted my excitement! This is four rows in and if it weren’t for me watching TV at the same time it probably would have only taken 10 minutes or less!

photo (45)

Once you get past row five it’s just a repeat until the ending so as you can see this part is going to be a breeze from here on out! I have a feeling I could finish this in a day or two depending on how many distractions I have (oh yes I am easily distracted!!)

Here’s a close up so you can see the holes which will be filled with different colors of yarn in the end :D I’m so excited!

If you are challenging yourself with a new project and have posted about it please share you blog link below! I love seeing what others are in the middle of working on!


Love Always,



A Challenge: Let’s Do Something New!

For most of you that know me – you know that I love to crochet. What I usually make are infinity scarves because for me, I can make one in a day, doesn’t take much concentration or counting, and I love the end result!


It’s been a long time since I’ve tried something new so I decided to mix it up a little. I bought a bunch of new books that are really interesting and I’m challenging myself to make something new once a month or more!


Who’s ready for a little fun?


I love the idea of making my own placemats and table runners and mixing different colors for each season!



This looks so cozy I can’t wait to give it a try! We had something similar to this that fit in Emma’s carseat but still strapped her in. I’d like to attempt it!



I’m pretty sure I own enough bags, but I don’t own any I’ve made!! Is that a good enough excuse to make another one? ;)

What should I do for my first attempt at a new project? Are you working on something new too?

Love Always,


Mindy Kaling: A Role Model At Last!

So I’ve been reading Mindy Kaling’s book Is Everyone Hanging out Without Me? and I have to say I haven’t laughed this hard at a book in quite some time! My husband and I watch Mindy’s new show on TV The Mindy Project and have seen her in the TV show The Office. So to say we are fans might be an understatement, but I mean come on! You have to love her!!

Okay maybe you don’t – but I do ;) She’s got a sense of humor that is straight forward, slightly sarcastic, and to be completely honest – exactly what everyone thinks but doesn’t say! Her book is some of the same, but it was definitely enlightening to see the depths of where Mindy came from and how it made her who she is today.

Here is Barnes and Nobles Overview:

Mindy Kaling has lived many lives: the obedient child of immigrant professionals, a timid chubster afraid of her own bike, a Ben Affleck–impersonating Off-Broadway performer and playwright, and, finally, a comedy writer and actress prone to starting fights with her friends and coworkers with the sentence “Can I just say one last thing about this, and then I swear I’ll shut up about it?”
Perhaps you want to know what Mindy thinks makes a great best friend (someone who will fill your prescription in the middle of the night), or what makes a great guy (one who is aware of all elderly people in any room at any time and acts accordingly), or what is the perfect amount of fame (so famous you can never get convicted of murder in a court of law), or how to maintain a trim figure (you will not find that information in these pages). If so, you’ve come to the right book, mostly!

Since I’m a mom and reading does not come easy you’ll be happy to know that this is a very light read! I picked it up and put it down easily without feeling lost. Mindy has a great way of making you smile when you read, but not killing you with the boring facts which I have yet to find in any other type of book based on someone’s life! WIN WIN!

If you can’t tell yet – I love this book – which you should have by now because I’ve been rambling about it for hours :P

What I’m excited about next is buying this:

Questions I Ask When I Want to Talk About Myself: 50 Topics to Share with Friends

P.S. Thank you google for the pictures – or really thank you Mindy Kaling ;)

Are you reading anything great right now?

Love Always,


Young House Love Book Review

Their Young. Their Fun. And They Wrote A Book!


 is a blog that I follow on a regular basis. They are a young couple from Richmond who bought a home and renovated it piece by piece blogging about it along the way. A few things that makes them stand out from the rest is their down to earth realness. They are honest, funny, caring, and aren’t afraid to show you what’s going on in their house even if it is a little messy!

When I heard they were writing a book and planning to go on tour, my sister and I pre-ordered the books and booked our calendars. Being an avid follower I was excited to see what else they had to share and I was pleasantly surprised! This book is filled with amazing goodies that you don’t want to miss out on.

Here’s a little sneak peak of there book:

They have so many great ideas for making your space more unique and you for so cheap! In this picture they used wrapping paper on the back of their shelves to give it a little more personality. The best part of this is you can change it whenever you want to and a wrapping paper easy to find and cheap!

They have awesome DIY crafty ideas like these spray painted bottles using chalkboard paint. You can use these for home decor, vases, or send someone a message. Chalkboard paint is way too much fun and keeps both my daughter and I entertained ;)

Useing different colors of paint on your desk to give it a little more personality! I absolutely love this idea and am hoping to try it out myself soon. It gives the desk a totally fresh look.


I would have never though of doing this with lights but that’s exactly what you’ll find in their book. Ideas that make you drop your jaw and go, “Why the heck did I not think of that!?” and if you are anything like me it will make you immediately want to try it!

If you like thrift store shopping, ikea trips, rearranging, restoring furniture, painting, and decorating your home – this book is for you! It would also make an awesome gift for new home owners. I’ve been flipping through this book for weeks and I can’t get enough of it.

Want to fall in love with John, Sherry, Clara, and Burger too? It’s pretty easy – you can follow their blog here at or check out their , , , and .

Interested in buying their book? is where we got ours!

Do you have a favorite blog that you are crazy in love with like I am with YHL?

Love Always,