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What’s New?

13 Feb

All this talk about fashion lately has really gotten me excited :D Between the post about Swirl and the Pinterest Layers – I have been trying to find a few new things for my closet!


This was an awesome find! If you know me at all I am a BARGAIN shopper! I love finding a great deal and this was exactly that. I found this baby at Kohl’s for $8.00 on the sales rack and I couldn’t let it go!



This is a perfect top for layers since it is see through being lace – I can wear a pop of color underneath and a fun jacket on top! I’m excited to try this outfit out this week – I’ll be sure to post pictures of the outfit all together when it happens :)




This skirt from Abercrombie & Fitch originally $30.00 and thanks to swirl having a coupon/discount section in their app – I got this beauty for $16.00!!!!


As you can probably tell because of the pictures – I’ve worn this baby out already ;) I put a pair of leggings underneath and a cute top but this skirt was my main showpiece! I loooooove the little bow in front <3

New clothes is like new music to me. It gets me excited, happy, and perks me up every time I see it (or hear it if we are talking about music). 

Anyone else a bargain shopper? Where do you get your best deals?


Love Always,




Fabulous Shopping!

1 Feb

Want an all in one fun shopping experience? Tired of looking at boring things to buy? Looking for something different? You better be looking at !

I found this website the other day and laughed harder than I have in a long time! The things you will find on this site are original, hilarious, fun, and seriously exciting! From now on when I’m shopping for something and can’t think of anything to get – this is going to be my go to site!!

This site is constantly refreshing with new things so you won’t be looking at the same thing over and over again – unless you want to that is ;)

They have an entire page dedicated to sales – for those of you who are like me and LOVE getting deals – this is the place for you!!

Interested to see what your friends and others are purchasing and loving? They have a news feed for that too!

Fab.com has seriously taken the pain out of shopping for me. This website will blow your mind and just might blow your wallet too ;)

What are your favorite online website to shop on? This one and Etsy are mine!

Love Always,


*These pictures are from

Pinteresting Fashion Finds!

31 Jan

Pinteresting Fashion Finds with Layers!

I absolutely adore the layered look that’s going on these days!

I love the light colors in this one – the lighter the colors the lighter I feel! Sometimes being bogged down with dark dreary colors is no fun!

The comfy cozy layers – I love this for shopping and laying around the house!

Professional layering – you could even do a business pant leg to make this one even more work wearable!

Love, love, love – in love with this one! It’s so pretty but also looks warm and cozy.

A great way to layer and wear your summer dresses out in the winter time!

My one tip for layering is to mix it up with a different color or shade with each layer. If you layer it all in similar colors it just looks heavy and blends which I think isn’t pleasing to the eye sometimes. Add pops of color and changes in textures to make it stand out but also look perfectly layered.

Whats your favorite part of layering clothes? I like getting to wear my summery things all year long!

Love Always,


If you want to see other pins by us check out !

Fashion for Dummies!

21 Jan

For those of you who are like me and don’t have time to keep up with what’s in style

go shopping

or tend to buy things for yourself at all..

This is the perfect place for you!


I consider myself too busy to do all of those things because I’m a wife, mom, blogger, admin, and shop owner! There isn’t really much room in between those things to shop or really know what the heck I should be shopping for!

After becoming a stay at home mom my fashion knowledge went out the window! It was then replaced with comfy lazy around the house clothes. This past year I had enough of it and decided I needed to distinguish indoor and outdoor clothes. Luckily I found swirl.com and they also have an app for your phone!


Swirl is like a mixture of all my favorite apps! It’s viewed like Pinterest, you can search by only stores located around you, they have a tab for sales and coupons, and you can “clip” your items to a board to remember them for later. The best part for those of us who are too busy to shop? You can buy it right off the app!


Although all those things are awesome – the best thing about this app for me is the fact that they have a Trending section for each store! You’ll know exactly what everyone else thinks is amazing!!


Still not sold yet? You can follow other friends or famous stars boards! Check out what they are clipping to their boards and if you want to create a board but don’t want to show it off to others you can create a private board that no one can see!

It didn’t take me long to fall in love with this app and the fact that I can go online and look at it too is a double win! This is just what this want to be fashionista mom needed ;)

Do you have other apps you use to keep up with what’s in? We’d love to hear about them!

Love Always,


Tiny Trends

4 Jan

Tiny Trends

Both Jennifer and I are vertically challenged and have trouble finding clothes that don’t drown us or make us look like we are playing dress up.  As fully grown adults, this will always be a problem for us!  I, for one, am tired of the jean train – when your jeans make a train like a wedding dress behind each foot.  Over time, this creates holes and permanent dirt stains that make me look unprofessional and just plain sloppy.  I also end up with dresses that are far too long, shirts with sleeves that end up in my dinner, and jackets with too much wiggle room.  But there is hope! My fellow petite people, I have found some online sites and clothing tips for those of us who are closer to the ground but reaching for the stars!


This company is based in China, so the clothes come in small sizes and are made for a population where the average female height is 5 feet tall.  This site is 6 years old and was made primarily as a wholesale site for retailers, however they also sell individual pieces.  They have everything from lingerie to warm winter coats and their prices are very reasonable.  You can find sweaters for less that $10 and the website has many sales throughout the year (especially around x-mas time!).  Some clothing comes in what is called a “free size.”  This means one size fits all, but the measurements are available (although you must convert from centimeters to inches.)  One of the best benefits of this site? Free Shipping on orders $99 and up!

Learn to Hem

While this seems an obvious solution to shortening pants and sleeves, very few of my short friends have ever attempted to learn!  If every pair of pants you buy is too long, it can end up costing a pretty penny for the extra step of taking your clothing to a tailor.  The very first step to hemming? ALWAYS WASH AND DRY FIRST!  Nothing is more frustrating than hemming your pants just to wash them after and find that they are too short.  Pin the pants to the correct length WHILE WEARING THEM.  Have someone else pin them so you know exactly where they will fall when you are standing up straight, or measure your inseam first if you are working by yourself.  Another tip: cut the original hem of the pants off and leave a couple of inches, then shorten the pants to the correct inseam and sew the original hem to the bottom of each pant leg.  This makes it look like you never had to hem your pants in the first place!  You can do the same with long sleeved shirts!  It is good to feel like your clothes were made just for you! * For the perfect, long-lasting hem, purchase a SURGER.  This reinforces the seam and adds support and structure to your hemming work.

Don’t Wear the Fantastic Flare

Big bell-bottom jeans make someone with shorter legs look squat and your feet look like they are drowning in your pants (I know from first-hand experience!)  Stick with straight leg jeans, or a tiny flare if you must, for a leg-lengthening illusion.  Since straight leg jeans are the “in” thing now, most brands have this option available.  With straight leg jeans, you can also always cuff them, and hemming is not even necessary!  But if you do want to hem them, it is easier than hemming a flare-legged pant.  If you are a super skinny-mini, the skinny jean is also a good option to make your legs look long and slender.

Wear a Higher Waisted Pant

In order to lengthen the look of the lower-body, wear a pant that is mid-to-high waisted as opposed to low waisted pants.  This allows the lower body to look more continuous, especially if you have a longer upper body than lower body.  This also shows off the waist and accentuates your feminine hour-glass shape. ;)

Wear Vertical Stripes

When looking for a nice casual t-shirt or button-up, look for thin, vertical stripes.  Many say they make the wearer look thinner, but this is because they make the wearer look taller.  This makes vertical stripes my favorite thing ever!  I can look skinnier, taller and (with a good pair of straight legged jeans) I feel like a woman of average height!

Don’t Wear Bulky Shoes

A large clog or thick skater shoe brings the eye down to the ground and makes the foot appear heavy.  Wearing a delicate flat or thinner athletic shoe makes the wearer look taller and lighter, especially if the shoe width does not exceed the width of the pant you are wearing.

Accessory Tips

As with the shoes, it is good to choose accessories for the limbs that are not chunky.  A thin belt and delicate bracelet make the wearer look less weighed down and, therefore, taller and thinner!  Once again, just an illusion but I find this works for me.


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