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Pinteresting Home Projects!

24 May

Of course I’ve been on Pinterest hunting ideas for the house ;) what kind of pinner would I be if I didn’t!?

Here’s a few that might interest you as much as they interest me!

Lining the inside of my bedside cabinets for a little POP of color! I recently painted my side tables white and can’t wait to do something fun like this with them!

Here’s our before side table picture.

And the after! How fun would it be to line the insides of those babies with something fun?

We are in need of something fun for our front door mat. The space is very simple and I’d love to have a great pattern as soon as you come in. Creating my own from fabric sounds easy and fun!

You have no idea how badly I want to frame all the bathroom mirrors in this house!! As soon as I get the time and money – it’s totally happening!!

I would love this in my craft room! I’d love it even more if I could make each square replaceable so I could switch out colors and patterns ;) I love my change and options!

What would you like done in your house?

Love Always,


This weekend we went to Target to shop for ideas for Emma’s room as well as some sheets since her new twin bed didn’t have any!

Emma’s room could use a little accessorizing and a punch of frame color would be fun!

This child needs storage any way you can get it! I thought this would be adorable for all her stuffed animals and could double as a bench for a reading nook!

Brian would tease me constantly for buying a clock like this because I am AWFUL at telling time (yes I go digital on everything) but it’s SOO cute I think I might just get one!

Not only would this go with her room but it’s pretty true as well ;)

Here is another storage idea – it wouldn’t fit all of her stuffed animals but I thought it might be cute as a little desk chair! I wish it was gray instead of yellow though..

A big girl lamp! We are phasing her out of all her Winnie The Pooh accessories (except for a few AMAZING ones I’ll show you later) and this would be adorable on her side table.

This is the bed spread we chose! It’s cute and it completely matches the yellow in her room but gives me great color choices to spot color with!

What do you think?

Love Always,


It’s OFFICIALLY move in week!

Photo: OUR NEW HOUSE!!!!!

I’ll be spending every morning packing up the car

heading to the house

unpacking things

Shopping Shopping Shopping

and finding great local places to eat :)

Stay tuned for pictures and great finds <3

Love Always,


I did it – I did it! Hip hip hooray! I made my first cell phone case the other day :)

It still needs the button and loop but I am very proud of myself!

After finishing up mine I started to check out other examples of crocheted cases and look what I found:

Which one do you like best?

Love Always,


Are things better late than never? I’m not sure but I guess you’ll let me know since I’ve posted so late today!

What I wanted to share with you today was what I have been doing lately – I’ve been scouring YouTube checking out crochet tutorials. Recently I bought a pile of crochet pattern books with my Christmas money and was getting more than frustrated trying to figure them out. I know I can’t be the only person that is constantly frustrated with patterns. I don’t know what the problem is but I am so much better at following a pattern when I can SEE someone doing it rather than reading how to do it. This weekend a watched a couple cool videos and I’m going to show two of them to you:

This one is for a cell phone case and it’s so easy and cute I couldn’t resist trying out it. Mine isn’t quite done due to my buttons being all packed up in the move – but I plan on finishing it and showing you pictures as soon as I can!

This one is for crochet jewelry! After watching this tutorial my mind went wild with possibilities! Now all I can think about is crocheting so my packing might be taking a seat while I spend the next few hours getting crafty ;)

I hope this inspires you as much as it did me! If you try any of these out please let me know! I’d love to hear what you think!

Love Always,


A New Way To View?

19 Apr

Hey everyone! I came across a new website the other day and thought I would share it. It’s a mix between blogging and pinterest. For those bloggers who like short & sweet posts with pretty pictures this may be for you! It’s called :

It looks so similar to the way you view pinterest with the blocked off sections and topics to choose from but these are all bloggers or magazines who blog! Although I haven’t used Sulia to write a post on I have used it for reading material and finding new blogs. It’s been interesting to flip through this in the morning and see what else new is going on. I tend to check the crafts tab which looks like this:

I’d flip through until I found something that caught my eye and then yLou can click the link or add them to your “trusted” sites to view. This is like wordpress’s reader. You trust or follow someone and get to see their new posts on your “feed”. I found this bib necklace interesting so I l clicked on the link to see the blogger!

Needless to say I got distracted for a little while! I don’t know if I”ll be checking in on a daily basis to see what’s happening over there since half of my reading time is following most of you on wordpress ;) but who knows – this could be future!

What do you think of Sulia?

Love Always,



Pinteresting Sunny Finds

12 Apr

The warm weather is here and it’s my favorite time of year! <3 I’m a sunshine type of girl so as you can probably guess – I’m all about finding fun things to do in the sunshine. Check out my latest finds on Pinterest for those warm weather days :)


Over sized bags for keeping all the necessities in ;) Towel, water, book, sunscreen, sunglasses, wallet, snacks, you name it – I’ve got it in my bag!

A change up in recipes! No more weigh me down food and more light and fun food!

A warm weather reading list! I love basking in the sun with a good book!

Fun flirty dresses! Now I’m not stuck in layers of clothing anymore – I can breath!!

Yummy sangria! Nothing like a refreshing glass to keep you cool on a nice warm day :)

Exploring new places! Getting outside and having an adventure!

Flippy Floppies!!!!!!!!!!!! I love sandals and flip flops!

Frozen Treats – Especially the home made ones!

Warm weather arts & crafts! Not to mention all the DIY projects that we’ve been waiting to do ;)

and don’t forget the seriously awesome amount of sunglasses to choose from!

What are you favorite things about warm weather?

Love Always,


Craft Hope! Project 21 – Are you in?

8 Apr

Hey everyone! I’m so excited to share with you today a small group of people who are making a HUGE difference in the world as well as the handmade community!

C was made by a wonderful woman named Jade. She had a dream of making the world a better place and decided to create this website to do just that. On Craft Hope’s website you’ll see projects which they do. They find a place, people, or charity in need and figure out what handmade item would best benefit it. For example when a tornado hit southeastern USA, they decided to collect handmade security blankets and send them to those who survived – 366 blankets were made! For the wildfire in Texas they collected sock monkeys for the children who lost their homes – over 600 sock monkey’s were collected and delivered.


If there is one thing I love – it’s giving to someone in need and to give something handmade just makes me ten times happier. After starting my business online on Etsy and being welcomed into the handmade community with open arms and more help then I could ever ask for – I can see how this site has become the massive hit it’s been.

This week they posted They are collecting blankets, scarves, and hats of all kinds. Crocheted, knit, sewn in all shapes and sizes! This is a huge effort to keep the children in Romania warm throughout the winter and I couldn’t help but sharing this! Let’s all join together and make a difference in these children’s lives! You can click on the link above to see the details and where to send the blankets to. If you decide to join in the fun please comment below to let us know and feel free to share pictures of what you send to us by email at acharmingtwist(at)gmail(dot)com!

Are you in?

Love Always,


Goodbye Easter!

3 Apr

It’s detoxing time in our house. We are FINALLY packing up the Easter eggs and getting rid of all the candy in the house. There comes a time after every holiday where I can’t take the sugar rushes or the temporary holiday decor and it gladly disappears! Here are some cute Easter things I found that I might have a harder time letting go if they were at my place ;)


Are you ready to get rid of your Easter things or you are you hanging on to something you aren’t ready to let go of yet?



Love Always,


Working Moms!

29 Mar

Hey everyone -

I’ve decided to write about a topic that is been on the news recently about working women, what choices they have to make, how much they have to sacrifice, and is it all worth it to “have it all”. My parents watch Rock Center where they had interviewed Erin Callan – Former CFO of Lehman Brothers about being the women on top and having it all and wishing she had done things differently. This seriously hits home to me because I quit my job to be a stay at home mom and my sister is a work oriented person. We couldn’t be polar opposites but this interview actually spoke out to both of us in a unique and different way! Take a look at it here:

(Sorry this video embed wouldn’t clip)

Basically what I’m getting from this interview is she’s saying it’s OKAY to be a work oriented mom as long as you are making the right choices for you a long the way and finding a good balance in your life. She’s also saying it’s OKAY to not be work oriented. It’s okay to stay home and do what you love the most. It was a nice change of pace from what we usually see with controversial debates about what is the right and wrong thing and I think it’s refreshing to hear someone say it’s okay to be either or both.

As I stated before – my sister loves her job, she loves the work she does and it makes her happy to be so work and goal oriented. Because of this, she has become an AMAZING sister to look up to. Seeing someone excel in something they love is like an eye opener that you really can do something you love and make a living out of it. Me on the other hand, I love to stay at home with my daughter. I don’t always love cooking, cleaning, or do laundry, but you bet your bottom dollar I’ll do it just so that I can teach my daughter what it means to be a good person, a friend, a female, and give her the attention I feel like I had growing up with a stay at home mom. But either option my sister or choose – is the right one for us and that’s what it should be!


The other thing about me you might not know is I’m also a work from home mom! That’s right!! While I”m staying at home and doing chores – I’m working as well. I provide child care for two other children besides my own daughter as a source of income on the side. Sure it doesn’t make as much as I’d be making if I worked outside of the house but if you subtract gas money, child care, eating out, and time away from my family (and still coming home to chores) – I think my income exceeds what I’d be making out the home as well as the happiness it’s given me to do so.


After seeing that interview, I saw a post on cafemom.com with a few mom’s talking about it. Check it ou (If you want to skip to the above part it’s at 9:40 but they also talk about a bunch of other things like blogging so I hope you’ll listen to the whole thing):

Wow! This was exciting for me to listen to – partially because I am a young 20′s mother so hearing that I have the posibility to “have it all” just not at one time makes me feel like I hit the jackpot in having my daughter so early. I KNEW there was a reason I wanted to have a family young, I just thought it was because I wanted to have enough energy, spend time with them, and then when they got older and left I’d still be young enough to travel and have fun with my husband ;) haha!! But this just makes me even more excited for my future.

I also love that they talk about working from home/blogging and how other people don’t see it as a job. I love blogging and I love sharing it with Leslie – but it is almost a FULL time job! As you other bloggers know it sucks up a lot of time in our lives – especially because not only do most bloggers love to blog, they love to read blogs as well. That takes time!!

So I’m excited to hear what you all have to say about these videos and how it applies to your life!

Love Always,



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