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What’s New?

13 Feb

All this talk about fashion lately has really gotten me excited :D Between the post about Swirl and the Pinterest Layers – I have been trying to find a few new things for my closet!


This was an awesome find! If you know me at all I am a BARGAIN shopper! I love finding a great deal and this was exactly that. I found this baby at Kohl’s for $8.00 on the sales rack and I couldn’t let it go!



This is a perfect top for layers since it is see through being lace – I can wear a pop of color underneath and a fun jacket on top! I’m excited to try this outfit out this week – I’ll be sure to post pictures of the outfit all together when it happens :)




This skirt from Abercrombie & Fitch originally $30.00 and thanks to swirl having a coupon/discount section in their app – I got this beauty for $16.00!!!!


As you can probably tell because of the pictures – I’ve worn this baby out already ;) I put a pair of leggings underneath and a cute top but this skirt was my main showpiece! I loooooove the little bow in front <3

New clothes is like new music to me. It gets me excited, happy, and perks me up every time I see it (or hear it if we are talking about music). 

Anyone else a bargain shopper? Where do you get your best deals?


Love Always,




Frame & Lace Earring Display

5 Feb

Frame & Lace Earring Display

This is a great way to display your jewelry!  I found most of my items at the Habitat for Humanity Home Store and this project cost me about $5!

You will need:

1 frame

1 can of spray paint (if necessary)

1 small roll of lace ribbon

1 hot glue gun


Take your picture frame and spray paint it whatever color you like!  In order to do this with my  found frames, I had to remove pictures and glass, but I was lucky to find frames with hangers already in place.

Take your lace and stretch it across the back of your empty picture frame, using a hot glue gun.

This is the end result!

Very easy, inexpensive, and gorgeous!

Take care fashion lovers,



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