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What We’ve Been Working On

22 May

Hey everyone! I wanted to give you guys a sneak peek at a few things we are working on!


If you remember we were working on using Killz to get rid of the pet smell in the basement and it left the whole place a bright shiny white! As much as we loved the clean bright space – a white floor get’s dirty really fast and Killz isn’t exactly easy to “clean” since it has a flat finish.

Since we liked the lighter look a lot better we decided to go with a light gray with a satin finish (much easier to clean!).

Also is you remember the front room being jam packed with things that should be in the basement..

It’s finally down there!! We went to Coscto and bought some awesome heavy duty shelves and organized our boxes!

Which means my front room is finally almost completely a front room! I am so excited to have this room open – We have a lack of furniture for it at the moment but I am excited to turn it into something amazing!

And of course I couldn’t leave without showing you Emma’s new bedspread! I love it!!!!!

What have you gotten done this week?

Love Always,


Emma’s Sunshine Room

15 May

Moving into new house joys: not having your child in her room because you are painting it!! <3

Temporarily she has been sleeping in the guest room while we try and get this done! She picked out this little blue room but said she wanted it to be orange. Mom voted no. Then she said she wanted it yellow like the sun! Mom said yes :D

So we got set up and primed!

Note to self – it may be a small room but when you have to prime twice you use an ENTIRE GALLON! Which is my little way of saying – always buy extra primer ;)

And we picked out an agreeable color. I wanted something more like Lemon Pound Cake – Brian said it should be brighter like the sun and have a hint of  orange in it just for Emma. Brian won.

Test swatch and WOW! That is sun  yellow. I even say that’s close to School Bus Yellow! But we go with it – it is Emma’s room after all ;)

I do have to admit it’s pretty darn cute with white doors :D

My proud man! This is one heck of a kids room!

I’m so excited to show you the rest :D More coming soon!

Love Always,


The Final Messy House Tour ;)

10 May

Hey everyone!! Today I am showing off the outside of the house as well as the basement!

The front of the house – which most of you have seen :)

The backyard – Emma loves all the space :D

The other side of the back yard.

The deck from the view of the grill ;)

The other side of the deck – Have you noticed Emma was in almost every picture? She was running around following me everywhere :P Don’t know if you notice or not but you can also see a little view of the mountains in the middle of the houses. I’ll have to take some pictures along the drive because the mountain views here are GORGEOUS!

Now we head down to the basement. To the right there is extra storage, to the front there is fittings for a bath, to the left back corner is an egress window (so we can put a legal bedroom if we want!), and to the back left is extra large extra space where we are putting a game area (pool table, tennis table, foosball, etc.)

If you haven’t noticed yet the basement is WHITE!! It wasn’t white we moved in. It was your typical concrete floor with insulation to the floor. The previous owners had pets down here and we thought we’d just air it out. Apparently – which I had no idea – concrete absorbs odors as well as liquid so the smell wasn’t coming out.

Thanks to my amazing Dad and some help from the Home Depot guys – we found this. It’s a sealant to put over odors, mold, etc. It’s white! My dad is on his second coat of this and then we’ll be painting the basement a typical gray concrete color to seal it again. We are all hoping this works so we can finally have the basement for storage!

There is the back corner where I’ll be using it as storage. It’s a nice small area which is all we will need.

A close up of the bath fittings and where there will be a future bathroom!

Last but not least our two car garage – that at the moment only fits one car ;) Yes we have a ton of crap out there!!

It’s a nice space though :D Once we get all of the things out it will be much more useful!

What do you think!?

I’ll try to get some local view shots as well as the playgrounds and etc. in the area!  <3

We are so excited to finally be moved in!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


The Second Messy House Tour

8 May

Here we go with the upstairs!! It’s equivalent in space to the downstairs except it doesn’t include the nook:

Let’s take you right up the steps! I love the landing up here and I’m thinking of ways to add a little something to it!


Here is the hallway at the top of the steps! It’s really wide (when there isn’t stacks of furniture in the way ;) haha) which I love. I can just imagine the house being full but not feeling crowded at all!

Okay! So starting at the first door on the left!

Welcome to the Master Bedroom! Which we don’t have enough furniture to fill at the moment … looks like we have some shopping to do! Brian and I have already bought a new bedspread and are chatting about headboard ideas :)

The master bath – sorry this picture is a little fuzzy, I had a little helper at my feet. It is the biggest most spacious bathroom I have EVER HAD! Did I mention this bedroom has a his and her’s closet AS WELL as a linen closet in here? That seems a bit crazy but I’ll take whatever storage I can get!

Here is where most people ooh and ahhh and I kind of shrug my shoulders. Don’t get me wrong! I love baths – but in order to fill up this tub to have a bath – there’s never any hot water left and you are sitting in a luke warm space. I’ve checked out some ideas to repurpose this space since I probably won’t be using it (I’ll be using Emma’s tub instead).

Back out in the hallway the second door on your left.

The guest bathroom (Emma’s bathroom). It may seem small because I’m standing in the doorway but it’s NOT! After giving Emma a bath in here I realized how nice and spacious this space really is! We’ll be doing some updating in this space as well :)

Back out in the hallway – last door on your left.

This is GOING to be Emma’s room. We are in the process of painting and setting up this room for her so this one is a project in the works. Temporarily she is staying in the guest room.

So back out in the hallway – last door on your right (right across from Emma’s soon to be room)

Is her temporary room / the guest room. This will be rearranged differently once we move her into her room.

Back into the hallway – passed the linen closet (another linen closet!!!) is the first door on your right.

Which looks like a big heap of MESS. This is my to be craft room!!!! This is where I will be spending nap times and weekends. Making things happen! Of course it’s going to take some time to get this room up and ready to go ;)

So that’s the upstairs tour! Friday I’ll be showing you what we are working on down the basement and the outdoor tour of our house & community!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


The Messy House Tour

6 May

Hey everyone!! We are FINALLY moved in – but the place is a mess so bare with me ;) I wanted to give you a house tour so I’m going to do it in levels! Today is the main floor house tour :)

photo (18)

This is the entry way! This is the first thing you see when you open the door.

photo (19)

When you look to the left it’s the formal living room – which right now is packed with boxes and miscellaneous things!

This is looking from the other direction! It’s going to take a few weeks to get this space cleared out.

When you look to your right from the entry way you see the dinning room which has been converted to Emma’s playroom since we don’t have a dinning set!

From the other side. This girl has a crazy amount of toys!!! She definitely loves this space though and so do we! We haven’t ever had a living room without toys all over the place!

Walking straight from the entry way you come to the living room which Brian kind of divided in half with our furniture. This room is HUGE.

This is the backside of the living room. We haven’t quite decided what’s going back here but it’s become the home of empty boxes for now ;)

The living room is right open up to the kitchen and kitchen table. We fell in love with the open floor plan in this house! Of course Emma beans is cheesing for the camera ;)  Behind the kitchen table is my desk in the corner. Between couponing, paying bills, and working on paperwork – I wanted my desk to be downstairs and it fits in that corner perfectly!!

Then it wraps right into the kitchen! The amount of cabinets and storage in this house is AMAZING! I’ve never had so much space before!

The other view of the kitchen! It’s never ending isn’t it!?

Then this is what I like to call “The Nook”. It’s right past my desk and wraps behind the kitchen. There’s a half bath, MORE storage, and the laundry room.

Here’s the cute half bath! I love the color of the walls in here!

What do you think!? We are still unpacking and organizing but I can’t wait to get set up and start working on projects around the house! Wednesday I’ll post the second floor house tour :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


It’s Move In Week!!

29 Apr

It’s OFFICIALLY move in week!

Photo: OUR NEW HOUSE!!!!!

I’ll be spending every morning packing up the car

heading to the house

unpacking things

Shopping Shopping Shopping

and finding great local places to eat :)

Stay tuned for pictures and great finds <3

Love Always,


Moving Tips!

17 Apr

Now that I have been packing the house for DAYS and listened to some seriously helpful tips on here I’ve decided to share my process of moving with you all in hopes that it helps someone else stay organized!

First things first – I made a list! I I planned out my weeks on which days I was going to pack what and in what order. I decided to pack items from least used to most used. So items in the storage, closet, and pushed back in cabinets that we weren’t touching were packed or given to the thrift store.

After going through the whole house and getting that out of the way I decided to pack room by room of all the things that we wont’ be using except for the next two weeks we are here. That means all of my clothes – minus two weeks. All my books except for the one I’m ready, all my desk things except the stuff I’ll be using for packing and last minute things.

Having an organized list and timeline has made this process so much easier! The best part is I’ve left myself two days off each week to do other things like errands or just plain relax after packing for days!

Next I got colored labels! This was my favorite idea. I bought rolls of colored labels and each color represents which area it goes in. Yellow for the kitchen, Orange for the craft room, Green for the storage and so on! Now I don’t have to waste time labeling boxes for which room it goes in and just quick write plates, paint, or xmas things! Saves me time and headaches. Another reason I decided to do this was because we are having a lot of extra hands help us move. I plan on printing out which color label goes where with little signs around the house so no one will have to ask where things go – they’ll follow the color like candy land! <3

Another useful tip I got from friends and family was to not spend money on boxes. Local ABC stores, grocery stores, and retail stores will gladly give you their boxes if you just call and ask to come pick them up! I’ve avoided spending any money buying boxes and the best part is 99% of them are very heavy duty boxes which is great for moving! (Don’t forget to purchase packing tape – that YOU WILL NEED!)

So far I’ve gotten half of the house packed up. One more weeks and we’ll be living in a house full of boxes – two more weeks and we’ll be moving!!

I think the hardest part I’ve noticed so far is getting it through to Emma that we are moving. She’s walked through the house during our inspection, seen pictures online a thousand times, she watches me pack things and asks if they are going to the new house and if we are going too – but I don’t think she’s quite gotten it yet. I’m wondering how she is going to take it!

Have you moved with young kids before? Any tips for me?


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