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Filing Storage Units

I’ve been organizing my files since it’s almost the end of the year – I like to have everything ready before tax season and to clean out the old files to make room for the new! I decided to do a little research for some new ideas on storing my files:

via BHG

Having a wall dedicated to incoming and outgoing files would be nice!

via HomeDesign by Martha Stewart

A trunk for files! I love the idea of having a small space to put pencils and other items with the filling as well as a cork board – I may just have to turn Emma’s old toy bin into something awesome!

via BHG


Right now my desk wall is empty and I can imagine these working well for me since I do a majority of my work at my desk.

via TheDormyHouse

This is a good trunk option if you don’t have a ton of files for the huge one! I also like that it can double as a seat :)

via OldSoulWoodworks via Etsy (click the picture to see the shop!)

I can see these hung up on a storage wall. I’d probably get three or four and I love that they are slotted so you can see what’s in them so you don’t lose anything!


DIY Paper Chandelier

While making decorations for Emma’s birthday I decided to a chandelier instead of centerpiece and I am SO happy with how it came out I wanted to share how I made it with all of you.
First I needed to figure out how I was going to make the frame. I took four rods and hot glued the ends together (in the long run it would have been smart to do a criss-cross in the center as well to stabilize it)

Then you’ll need paper and scissors! I folded the paper hot dog style twice to make four defined lines. Then I cut it into strips, glued the ends together and hot glued them to each other.IMG_4879
Then when they are a lined up I glued them to the frames!




What do you think?